19th October 2020 W.H.O. Covid-9 Pandemic second wave announcement. A conspiracy theory. #plandemic #covidhoax #scamdemic #19thOctoberTheory

A word of warning, there will NOT be staged media event on 19th October 2020, I repeat NOT be an announcement of a second wave of Covid-19 on the 19th October 2020. There will be any major incident on that date of any relevance to the current ongoing global crisis. Downvote now without reading, if it’s correct I’ll delete as it might fuel conspiracy nuts.

I uploaded mirrored short video about the crazy theory here on my channel, I’ll delete on the 20th Oct https://youtu.be/e0xhGJWJUVY

I can disapprove all tenuous links and dispel these movie release dates/world events theories once and for all.

‘They’ aren’t make movies for predictive programming purposes, not now or ever. ‘They’ aren’t out to get you, there is no ‘they.’ 😂

Movie release dates are NOT anything worthy of paying attention to, unless you’re my mate Chris that is. This is how he came up with it: Brace yourselves…

11th March 2020, this was when the W.H.O officially declared a Pandemic, we all know this, the sensible ones put on masks. Those who didn’t, mostly died. This paranoid date theory can be traced quite far back. In 1918, the first confirmed cases of the Spanish Flu in the US are reported at Fort Riley, Kansas on MARCH 11th, same day as our current pandemic, so what? Viruses are seasonal and hibernate, it’s quite probable they’d choose the same day. Not 11×3 = 33 = secret Hogwarts club. You’d only know it was that date if you could be arsed looking as well. My birthday is on the same day every year, is that a conspiracy? 😂 Next.

That official pandemic W.H.O. announcement date was exactly 222 months after 9/11, so what? Is that a conspiracy as well? 😂

There’s some waffle about it here, I haven’t read it, no one has.


He said that 222 is a number that has special powers, yes it does, about one more power than 221 and that’s it 😂

Then, he had an idea! How about about adding 222 days to March 11th 2020, to get a possible date that ‘they’ have made might make evil plans on? 😂😂

Yes, because that’s what they do; those international criminal masterminds, they add on 222 again 😂😂 The 222 Wet Bandits 😂 Anyway, we were bored in lockdown, so we added it, October 19th 2020. That’s 10-19-2020 which his scribbled down as 10192020, then said ‘0’s don’t count’ 😂😂 Oh yeah, forgot that. So the number is 119 22, which he claimed means something, again.

The tin foiler mate reckons 9/11 wasn’t even terrorists anyway?! 😂 Even though they found his passport there! Duh 😂

He even had me convinced that coronavirus might not be real or as bad as they said at one point. He kept sending me videos of doctors saying it was all a lie and some lengthy statistics. I had my doubts for quite a while as no one I knew had it or anyone they knew. If you turn off the TV news like I did for a while, it’s easy to lose touch of reality and get sucked into deluded thinking.

Then we heard Tom Hanks had caught it, and we all knew it was all very real.

Then if that wasn’t bad enough, Prince Charles, Boris Johnson, an actual Tiger, then the Tiger King, IN PRISON. It was an awful time.

My mate Chris wasn’t having it still, get this, the global virus training Event 201 and Netflix’s mini-series about how to survive a ‘pandemic’ is somehow a conspiracy to him 😂😂 Oct. 18th 2019 to 22nd Jan 2020 is 119 days apart we found 😂😂 What does that even mean?!? We were all damn lucky to have those hard working angels train for an event like that, almost exactly the same the one we got into, LUCKY. That’s fortune you idiot. That Netflix pandemic TV show helped a whole lot of people get mentally ready and form a good understanding about the dangers, threats and odds of surviving a deadly plague IF, heaven forbid, it ever actually happened. Then it did happen, and I’m for one was pleased it was on TV BEFORE it happened, if it was on TV after the outbreak they’d complain then wouldn’t they?

Let’s put this other myth to rest. Madonna couldn’t have been ‘predictive programming at Eurovision’ either singing ‘Like a Prayer’, my mate says the dancers had masks and they fell over and Madonna said some scary things. That happens at most concerts.

  1. About 350 people watch it Eurovision, in huts, they are probably not even fans of Madonna, and they won’t understand English.

  2. Poor Madge actual caught the wretched virus later on, she even did a video of herself in the bath, and she was very sad about it as well. She sounded really ill when she sang on stage to be fair, and was way out of tune on the clip I saw, awful to watch. So she programmed herself to get ill AND sing out of tune did she? 😂 Idiocy.

So October 19th 2020 there’s not gonna be a Pandemic 2, or fake assassination predicted on the Simpsons, or some 5G aliens.

To prove him wrong, whilst in quarantine, I decided to test movie release dates, a few world events and TV series with the 19th Oct 2020 date, and see what numbers it throws up, then I’d tenuously link them to witchcraft. It’s easy. He said they have done lots of coding numbers with 9/11 and 11th March 2020, but I didn’t look into it much, it’s boring and I’d already made a sound judgement anyway.

Get this. He said Lord of the Rings was released 6666 days before 11th March 2020, and rambled about it being good very evil or something and 666 is the Devil’s number 😂 6666 has an extra 6 dick head, which doesn’t even work. If anything, an extra 6 is kind thing to have. It’s a virus anyway, not a tribe of Orcs😂


Contagion the film is ‘in on it as well’. The film was 4444 days before 11th March 2020, and that if you type 4444 into gematrix.org the top phrase is “Bill Gates Is Illuminati and that is why his foundation focuses on vaccines” 😂😂 How bored do you have to think to type that in? It turned out I was later on, so I did check it. If Bill is in on it, why would he allow it there? To seem hard in front of his mates? Leave him alone, he was instrumental in Event 201, which saved millions, and his vaccines will save billions of peoples lives AND simultaneously reduce over crowding by 15% as well he says, globally. All that man does is saves lives, everyday; day in day out, tirelessly, AND still does software updates on his laptop. What does he do with his profits? He donates millions to the W.H.O. who doctors worldwide to report, test and talk about Covid-19. All other diseases went, this was all that mattered now.

As the whole country was staying in, I did become bored, for quite a while actually. So for the next few nights, at home, I decided to disprove this number/movies/mocking us mallarky.

Contagion had a second release date, he only used 11th March for his ‘great’ 4444 days find.

I tried it 19th October 2020. I don’t know why I decided to try, I regret it, but it was just to prove how silly it is and easy it is to read anything into numbers if you want.

It was 9 years 1 month and 11 days before 19th Oct 2020. Whoopee. To the sane and grounded folk this ISN’T a 9/11 reference, Chris would say it was though, despite the extra 1.

After a more few nights of staying at home, I find after eating cereal for 3 days straight and not talking to anyone, you can read almost anything into numbers, especially when it’s dark. It’s especially works with macabre themed apocalyptic movies. Movies that could, at a stretch, be seen as planted metaphors that mock & programme, but they aren’t.

Here’s one he said, the Movie ‘Invisible man’ being released 13 days before the Pandemic means something, if you were the paranoid sort you’d say that represented the virus, an invisible enemy out to kill all, and that 13 was an unlucky number, oooooh scary. It was a special suit in the Movie to make him invisible you fool 😂

Apparently the 116 is an upside down 911?! So what?! The Joker and Room movies do flag up 116’s below yes, but noone would notice it anyway so why put it there? No one cares about these silly numbers.

I tried some other film dates, and to be fair a lot did have links with 113, and 911 so I just ignored them.

The ones below I tried against 19th Oct 2020 and I found the numbers of days between to have some double digits yes, big deal. If these secret societies are so evil why are they producing decent movies for us to enjoy?

I’ll type a full example below about how easy it is to find conspiracy fodder by counting days/months between movie dates , then I’ll do some other films, the numbers are in days/weeks but I left out the words ‘days and weeks’ so it looks more ‘ominous’. I’ve even found some historic news events you could read into if you wanted to.

My mate says the TV show ‘The Purge’ is about society being forced into a conflict or something, and that could be ‘them telling us’ something, the ‘proof’ being, wait for it, it’s was released 777 days or 111 weeks before 19th Oct 2020 😂😂 He also said it was really really shit and not to watch it though. So what’s the plan there? Surely they are rich enough to make some decent television we might watch? People don’t make really shit TV shows and release them 777 days or 111 weeks before a specific date for ANY reason, ever.

We looked and found a movie called ‘The Tax collector’ is a film being released 33 days after 19th Oct 2020, this is just a film, not secret code for some wizards gloating about taxing you 😂

Here’s more with vague numeric links to 19th Oct that probably mean ‘satanic blood sacrifice ritual of 666 kittens’ if you want it to:

Dark Water 333 Honest Thief 11 Contagion 4444 and 9111 Ready Player 1. 11111 (5 1’s though, tad impressive) Death on the Nile: 13

Not just Movies either, things you could NEVER plan in a thousand years…

Black Monday: (not a film, a money day in 1987) This was exactly 33 months before 19th Oct. Yeah, that’s in on it as well 😂 The Australian Bush Fires being declared an emergency, being 22 weeks before 19th October, what’s this 22 about?! Hurricane Isaias being 77 days before 19th October 2020 might mean ‘they did it’ 😂 Weather manipulation now 😂😂 Even future events: The US election being 2 weeks and 2 days after 19th October 2020, 3/11 (means 33 & 22 if you’re into sums = occult delusions 😂)

I am Mother (back to Movies now) 1116 (911) Joker 116 (911) Mocking Jay part 2. 1116 (911) Knives Out. 13 & 13 ooooh I’m thinking of ending things. (Awwww) 116 (911) Kingsman 3. The Secrets We Keep. 33 Room 116 (911) Terminator Dark Fate. 1119 Inferno. 11 & 22 Conjuring 3. 11 The Good Liar. 1111 (as if good liars leave silly obvious codes like 1111 when releasing films on certain dates 😂) The Coldest Game (upcoming spy movie with Bill Pullman) 1111 again, so what? James Bond, No Time To Die: 33 (a film about a good man?) 33 can’t be that secret a society, or they’d stop showing it in codes 😂

‘Unhinged’ is a recent B movie, with ex hunk Russel Crowe, it was released 96 days before 19th October 2020, get this, Chris says 96 Satanism = 19+1+20+1+14+9+19+13 = 96 😂😂 It’s just a rubbish comedy film and Russel Crowe who looks and sounds John Goodman in it, it won’t predict any social breakdown of society, just more bad films.

Deep Water: 33 again (a film EXPOSING evil corporations) The Vigil. 223 (322 is a pirate logo or something, he showed me😂) Zombieland. 669 (upside down 9’s count as 6’s apparently, so he said, LOON!) World War Z. 333 (Brad Pitt is in on it as well, apart from he’s a goody and wins, so that 333 doesn’t count) Cabin Fever. About a virus and 6611 days apart, obviously a sign from a bad Jesus, Bridge of Spies. 55 1917. Great film, has a 1116 number gap, what if you don’t turn it upside down? What then? Rebecca. 3, not even out yet. Angels and Demons: 11 & 55 (A Tom Hanks film, the kindest man in the world) Dune. 11 Soul. 11 Frozen 2. 333 (yeah, kids films are evil also 😂) Tracks. 7 & 11 Inception. 33 Cloud Atlas 8 & 111

You see the pattern of paranoia here, every number must be ‘them’ doing it.

The Hunt which he says ‘they’ released on March 11th on purpose, also had a second release date, which is 7 months and 7 days before 19th Oct 2020, because 77 means something as well now. He didn’t know what though, just ‘something’.

More ‘evidence’ here:

The Road 111 & 7 Candy Man 22 Avengers End Game 22 & 99 Larry Crowne 33 & 99 Mad Max Fury road 555 Minority report 6696 ‘Tangled’ as well 😂This is about a girl quarantined in a land called Corona, she wasn’t suffering with it which means , and has the numbers 116 & 119 again, so what? Fight club. 77 & 11. Great film, I would never have noticed the release dates really. Even an old one like Slumdog millionaire is 11 years, 9 months, 11 days. Sigh, that’s 11 & 911 yes Da Vinci Code is 13 years, 9 months, 22 days before 19th Oct 2020, they are all special numbers he says now 13 & 9 & 22 are no better than 14, which he doesn’t seem to care about.

‘Avengers Infinity War’ is a kids film as well, they wouldn’t tie that with a mass October 2020 cull would they? But JUST because it was released 911 days before 19th October 2020, means it MUST be a ‘sign’ 😂 From who? Thanos?

Avengers, Age of Ultron, was released 66 months and 6 days previous to 19th Oct 2020, must be an another evil sign then 😂

Older films no one has seen also flag up number for conspiracy nuts, for 19th Oct 2020, it did again anyway, which proves ANY film can.

2222 or 2223 days before 19th Oct 2020 (depending if you include extra day) you get some right jolly sounding film releases:

Walk amongst the Tombstones. Fun title! 2222 days

Reclaim. (Looks depressing, reclaim what? The world??) 2222 days

And a film called “This is where I leave you.” 2222 days also, and this might mean to a foil head ‘they are leaving us’. It’s ‘they’ again, leaving films 2222 days in the last for us to be scared of now in the future 😂

Even if you try Schindler’s List release date you get something sinister, 322 months and 20 days before 19th October 2020, which means NOTHING apart from some pirate club he bangs on about.

A Quiet Place 2 came out on March 8th 2020, 32 weeks and 2 days before 19th Oct, that pirates club 322 again, never even heard of it, and it’s never on the news. They are releasing it that film year as well, as it probably got bad box office takings because 50% of everyone died. Tuesday 23 March 2021 is a good enough day to release a film as any, weekends are old news now , but oh no, conspiratards will just read into the it being 22 weeks and 2 days after 19th October 2020, making 222 a big deal again. It’s not, it’s boring, and irrelevant.

Here’s a nice film, it’s called ‘A Beautiful Day in Neighbour’ with Tom Hanks. It was released on Friday, 22 November 2019. I bet you’d even get a conspiracy themed number out of a Tom Hanks family film if you really look for it. Yep, and just because it’s 333 days before 19th Oct 2020 means nothing, again, It’s second release date being on 7th September 2019 is 13 months and 13 days before 19th Oct 2020 is 13 months & 13 days, ooooooh so scary 😂😂

If it turned out Oct 19th 2020 wasn’t a beautiful day after all, and indeed was a pre-planned media hoax or announcement, a global culling of the population say, then a gang of Bond Villains wouldn’t all giggle at it being 13 months and 13 days before the screening of a tender Tom Hanks film would they? The ironic payback surely wouldn’t be worth the all that trouble?

Think about it, would the man who played Forest Gump really let children suffer the anxiety globally they are? The old and frail as well, he’s ‘in on the plot’ right? Get real, he had it.

Anyways, Tom Hanks was in Apollo 13, and that got home safely on TV, so 13 isn’t even an unlucky number anymore. But get this, my mate reckons they made that Apollo 13 space trip up as well! 😂😂 After sending up successful missions to the Moon (also made up he says) they made one up that failed, on TV to break down in Space, on purpose?! 😂For what reason? For some corny TV dramatic tension or something?

He needs help 😂😂

Conclusion, you can read into ANY film release date with numbers if you want.

For one last attempt, Chris said ‘try 22 months’ 😂, so we looked for films that were released exactly 22 months prior, you won’t find much, as it was Wednesday 19th December 2018. In total 16 Movies were released on the 7th Dec and another 12 movies released on the 14th of that month, as they were Fridays, as seen on link here. You could read into these, but it’s the wrong date. https://www.movieinsider.com/movies/december/2018/14

There was ONE Movie released on the day that was ’22 months prior to 19th October 2020 date’, Wednesday 19th December 2018. Was it Zombieland? No. Was it a Movie about deadly viruses? No. A Movie about evil an Government and corruption? No.

It was, wait for it, ‘Mary Poppins returns.’ 😂😂😂

“What’s that supposed to be representing or mocking us about?” I asked him.

His reply was mind boggling, “Mary Poppins is a an archetypal fiction, she represents the virus, and that fictional virus is returning.” 😂😂😂

Mary Poppins predicts the virus! 😂 You couldn’t make it up.

I’d heard enough, our conversation was over, I blocked and I ignored his last email about Tom Hanks’s film ‘Philadelpia’ being released 322 months prior to 19th October 2020.


and if you read this far well done,

Take care.

*edit before I post, Chris in his email asked to me to put on this, that if anything does happen on that date, that both us and our families should be exempt from compulsory vaccinations, because he ‘cracked a film code’ 😂😂😂

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