A famous band ruined my life. It’s real and I want the world to know

A famous band and one of the band members master ruined my life and did horrible things to me some creatures close to me and gave my niece stage four liver cancer. I have a little proof but not really. It’s a horrifying situation and no one seems to care. I was put under mind control and went thru horror no one can imagine but it involved innocent creatures and was a sick tragedy. The master and his friends are dead beings who did this. The two band members are either not fully human or can astral project in some crazy way. They do some awful witchcraft etc. I’ll never get over this and can’t handle it. When I tell strangers with care and concern they use it to judge me. It’s an awful story. I can’t move on or get over it and at first the band members were nice to me and did witchcraft things to me but it was funny and cute. Then the master got involved a year later and it got really bad.

Sorry mindless freaks on Reddit who want to put me down. I talked to Kirk and james for a year thru their witchcraft and most of kirks twitter had to do with my life and conversations we had. Everyone in my family and friends knew about it. I was supposed to go on tour with them and meet them. This is a real story. Things just got bad when kirks master got involved and the deranged psychos need to stop with the drug comments. I talked to Kirk thru messenger and on the phone twice. You’re idiots and psychopaths. Stop putting someones serious situation down lunatics. Poor freaks are jealous of something so bad. I also have tons of proof duh thru pictures kirks twitter and so much other crap. I’m trying to explain to people why the abcs of Metallica came out or why Metallica was playing in rockville in Daytona or started playing festivals. This is a serious thing that happened and yes the world needs to know. I also didn’t even know who Kirk Hammett was and he’s not a cute guy who’s known by everyone. My life got invaded and ruined and it involves kirks master who really exists. It’s a deep and complex situation and I will write a book about it. Metallica band members also have tons of real girlfriends and court lots of women. The reason I got screwed is bc I didn’t meet them and was supposed to meet Kirk or this tall guy at the Salem exhibit and bc kirks master knew me and was going to do this crap to me anyway. Metallica came to Orlando in 2017 and the master already knew he was going to do this and that I’d go to the show. I wasn’t even a Metallica fan just a generic one and didn’t know who kirk Hammett was.

Yes the band members want me posting about it and want the world to know but no one believes it or cares or understands how serious it is and what it all entails. Covid is most likely happening because of this too. This is one of the most fascinating stories to exist but more messed up. Idiotic people act like I’m telling a cute little story when it’s a serious situation. It is not only a horrid situation it’s really important. When I tell idiot humans they have no response or maybe they’re jealous bc someoens life was ruined. People are sick and messed up.

Here are pictures involved with this posting


Innocent creatures died in their own home while being mocked by invisible beings who have abilities that humans don’t have. they can just zap you with an invisible machine or their abilities and kill you but so can others Who do witchcraft they just don’t do it like. this The band members and masters friends are invisible entities and it’s a really horrible thing. I was under mind control and wasn’t Fully aware of what was happening but couldn’t do much anyway. They disguised their evils behind cute cartoon characters who were real beings they created and I could hear and see them under mind control and other things. I was forced to drive around for days and hours under mind control sleep in my car and didn’t have a real clue as to what was happening. Kirk Hammett and james hetfield were characters in the saga and it’s a long messed up story. They caused me to spend abt 41k on gas and nonsense for a year. they had me walking up and down my block with a fake clock on my head under mind control, staying at hotels for no reason, wasting my money while characters were talking the whole time and productions were being put on. there were kirks entities, melissas fathers demons and they even took demons out of my father and created real characters out of them, kirth, wicked idiot and tons of things. Just the crap they put me through was bad enough but those close to me had to suffer terribly. Then they gave my 3–4 year old niece cancer and she had to get a transplant. A lot of things the band did had to do with what I was going through. They only gave 10k to charity for a year because it was rumored they paid a company 10k to ruin my life. They did things and posted them on their twitter but they were doing that before the negative things started. The band began playing in festivals bc of something a guy said around me. Covid might be happening bc of what they did to me bc they were doing so much evil trying to get a reaction from God. Not saying covid really has to do with it but one of the themes was they- the master and his entity friends- mocked me for getting “take out” as if I was a freak. Well oddly the theme for covid was “take out” for a while. Suddenly the world was getting take out only or the nation. Yes that was a definite “fuk you” to the mockery of me getting take out. Not that it matters that they mocked me that’s not the bad part. It’s more like an indicator it mildly could have something to do with it but can’t say and seems far fetched but there is the one coincidence. The covid claim is a bit out there of course but the things I had to go through are what matters and how my life got ruined. There’s a lot to the story tons of detail and soem outrageous things I won’t get into.

I’ve told my story online before but of course I get called crazy by some and others I’m sure understand the situation. This involves a famous band and witchcraft. Many people don’t believe in or understand witchcraft that’s why this is such a different situation to talk about. I won’t tell the details but will kind of describe it. At first it was positive and famous people can do witchcraft or weird or even cool things that I don’t think anyone else can do. I’ve dealt with this before or witchcraft from a few people and so have many others but again this is a very huge band so it’s different. I didn’t meet them in person but I could have but didjt care to and wasn’t a huge fan. The band is Metallica. I was not a fan of this band and I’m in my early 40s. I didn’t even know who the guitarist was and knew nothing about the band members. I just went to a concert and my life got ruined. The two band members did a spell on me while on stage and I’ve been to like 300 concerts so I’m not some person making up stories or whatever some people might try to think. Now I know tons of secrets and things about them from the hell I had to go through. The and justice for all nonsense and seek and destroy isn’t a lie. And justice for all is apparently all the people they’ve done bad things to one day everyone will get their justice. I used to think they were about justice or something. I won’t get into not only what the guitarist even warned me about but what I had to experience myself. If anyone went thru this they wouldn’t want to live. They wouldn’t be able to bear day to day life. I can’t and I’ll never be able to live with this trauma and live life. I’m also in physical pain from it which isn’t bearable. I have no choice because there’s nothing I can do.

I was even forced to drive up north chasing Metallica and ended up at a show in Albany where their entity friends and master almost killed me. Yeah I drove up north to Charlotte then dc then Philadelphia then Albany not knowing what I was doing while under mind control with cartoon characters tormenting me and just kind of dealing with it. Scariest most fuked up crap u can’t imagine with hundreds of characters with names and abilities. Names like kirk hammetts master, kirth, negged versions, KIRK hammetts favorite entity, kirks entities, master nanny, your demon KIRK. Yes every character had a name almost involving KIRK or the master. No it’s not even horrible I don’t know how I went through it. They were also hurting me in different ways and all I knew was that “the master” was involved and had no clue what was really happening. They tortured me in many creative ways and can’t get into the way they did it. When I think about it now I’m in horror and beyond traumatized. When it all started they forced me to jump in a pool, stop my car and bow to the ground. They had me staying in hotels containing containments and I’d have to explain what that is and containing blinding demons and bizarre characters. Getting lectured by a blinding demon character, eating at ihop with skeleton looking cartoon characters showing me how to get released feom this. I was even in a publix parking lot with tin foil on my head being chased by a character and then being destroyed by a James hetfield cartoon character in a publix. All done Under the most fuked up mind control u can imagine. And yes KIRK hammett and James hetfield were very involved as characters at first but also supposedly also moderating it but then they had to go on tour so I was left with the master. There was “kirks containment” and James containment and James showed me what they can do to me and forced some lady at Walmart to start interrogating me. I was mocked by James hetfield character for defecating in a Walmart bathroom stall and they could stop me from doing it and it became an inside joke or scene in this. This is all stuff happening as invisible beings but they put me under mind confrol to where I could see and feel the things but no one around me could of course. Metallica created the “abcs of Metallica” while this was happening bc i was dealing with cartoon characters under mind control.

Kirks real demon friends were involved too as characters and one was named KIRK and they portrayed him as a cute young looking human. He said he had watched me with KIRK Hammett and watched my sister and family when I went to visit them in dc. He did some crap to me at a Walmart. It was different characters Doing crap to me 24/7. There was past life stuff involved and the master and beings showed me past lives one being where two guys tried to kill me and called me “ugly old loser” that became another inside joke. The master n beings claimed the two men were KIRK and James in a past life and that’s why they were bullying me in this lifetime. I’m a really hot woman. But the truth is I remembered that past life or story. The stuff the master showed me I remembered very Domains For Sale (http://well.ir) wAs claimed that I had past lives with KIRK and James not sure If it’s true. This happened 24/7. Scenarios scenes non stop. Every scenario character god it’s beyond anything. But that’s not even it it’s abt the lives that were lost and that’s another story I can’t talk about online. They put my 67 year old mother in an orgasm program while torturing and hurting the young pretty daughter and mocking me for being a virgin and burning my vagina over and over and yes it’s real energy they did to me but I can’t get into it.

I think the guitarist found it all cool All this weird witchcraft stuff they were doing and wanted me to go around telling people the band was stalking me and wanted attention for it. He and I talked thru messenger a few times and the phone twice but it was weird. They talked to me using their ““witchcraft abilities” in a different way and he wanted it to stay that way. I didn’t want to talk this way but I just got used to it. They were the ones chasing me in this way and yes they chase many women and in person. I should have met them but I didn’t care to and def could have. I don’t tell people these details. This was the first year when the two band members were nice to me and semi chasing me. And my family and some friends knew about it. At first I was kind of flattered and shocked like wtf I can’t believe these people know who I am. But there’s a lot about these people and what they can do to others. I should have known better I was an idiot and trusted them. Anything involving witchcraft isn’t good and I shouldn’t have participated by talking to them. But it was mostly positive and cool and the guitarist slowly showed me his abilities and I got used to it. It was mostly cute things humor funny stuff and he invaded my life but it wasn’t evil or mean and he did it in a very cool way. a year later it got bad. I won’t go into the details but the guitarist has a master and he got involved. I had read about his master online and was creeped out and sensed something about him. The master is a little famous too as people know he exists and write about him online. No one knows what a master is but someone above him and there are a lot of details as to what they did to me and just all of it. But apparently the master knows me. So ironically yes of course the master knew me!! I mean how can anyone be this unlucky and go through something like this. So the band members were chasing me from the concert and it so happens the master knows me too. No not making this up yes it’s out there. And most likely it’s the reason the band came to my city Orlando bc the master probably somehow indirectly got them to go there so I could go to the concert and he probably made the guitarist do the spell stuff on me bc he has more abilities than him. The master apparently knew me and I had a dream about him when I was three and he knew me from other lifetimes. He showed me lots of different past lives and I remember the stories and he knew me very well and showed me the dream I had about him when I was a child. He even tried to show me that I had past lives with Kirk h and James h and showed me some details of them. Not sure if that was true or not. So the master knew me and has this history with me and is jealous of me and hates me. He wanted to show me every detail of everything and in a negative and messed up way. He knew every detail of every lifetime I supposedly had and even my friends from these so called lifetimes and played songs and depicted it using cartoon characters and all kinds of nonsense. I don’t believe in other lifetimes but apparently they might exist. Anyhow this isn’t the tragic part of it. What I went through was horrifying and I could write a book about it and lives were lost and ruined and another life was ruined in a different way. they used their abilities in a negative way and it wasn’t the band members it was the master and his friends. It’s too much for one person to go through. the guitarist probably wants me to write about it as he was obsessed at some point wanting me to get attention for Metallica stalking me and no one I talked to really cared. I can’t move on in life and I’m also in major physical pain from it which is weird and I try to describe it. If anyone went through what I did they wouldn’t want to live. It’s too much for anyone to go through. They would be freaking out and telling everyone and going crazy. I have no idea how to process this hell. No one would be able to. It’s a lifelong trauma and hell I’ll have to bear which I can’t do. I also lost lives precious to me and innocents and I can’t get over that and the way it happened. It’s not even a loss of lives it’s worse than that. I shouldn’t even be going into details bc of the nature of all of it. This isn’t even a normal thing anyone has to go through it involves these famous people and their master and their abilities vs a human and innocent creatures just living their lives. Very few people or no one will have to be victims of a horrible tragedy like this. I don’t tell people even these details about it and there are enough details to fill a book of this crap I had to go through. But the band did little things at first like create a skateboard company bc of some guy I went out with once or played in festivals bc of me. For a year the band gave only 10,000 to charity and you can look it up. That had to do with the crap I was being put through bc it was rumored Within all of this that Metallica paid a company 10k to ruin my life. They were mocking me and this isn’t a light hearted cute situation. It’s very sad and what I went thru no one could handle. When the band cancelled their Australian tour and the lead singer said he was going to rehab that had to do with something the sick master did to me and part of one theme that was going on- taking their anger out on me. So they took their anger out on Australia and cancelled the tour and the person made up that he was going to rehab. They weren’t just playing a game with me. This is an entire experience of pain and suffering Torture and it involved characters themes cartoon characters and the deaths of innocents. The two band members were just participating in it a different way and it was mostly the master who was doing the sick things. At first they The two band members were nice and doing cute things in response to the things we talked about. But once the master thing joined well it’s a long horrid story.

Metallica was finally playing in rockville a music festival in Daytona usually in jax and I’ll explain why. When this started in 2017 or 2018 I was at rockville in Florida. Kirk would hang out around me in this witchcraft way and talk to me. He wasn’t in my physical presence. I have no clue how he did it or what it was. James did too but it was mostly Kirk. At a show some guy randomly yelled “Metallica would never play in a festival like this !” angrily. Kirk heard that of course again he thought the Witchcraft things they were doing to me were amazing different fascinating and that I should tell others about it or write about it. He even forced me to post YouTube videos about it at some point and I tried to explain that it involves witchcraft and no one would get it. I can’t get into what it was or how they did it. Stonesour was there too and Kirk always talked about how Corey Taylor was like his best friend and while watching him Kirk or whatever projection he used was yelling Corey!! It’s Corey and other things. Anyway three days later Metallica decided to play In the Austin festival. They usually don’t play festivals. they decided to do that bc of what that guy said. And then this year they were going to play in rockville finally in Daytona beach. Anyway they might find this fun or cool but it’s not. When it was positive it was kind of cool of course but then it turned into a horrifying situation. What I’m writing about sounds like a creative story or science fiction but it’s not. It’s all real and really happened. They court lots of women and in nice ways. I got screwed over badly and the story I have is beyond fascinating or just complex but not really it’s also extremely sick and every second of my existence I can’t handle what happened. Lives were lost and I can’t say who and a child’s life was ruined too. I don’t get why it’s so hard to believe that a super famous satanist band can do crazy witchcraft and if the master hadn’t gotten involved it was a cool and interesting story for sure. Now I have to live with what happened and I can’t. It’s just pain and torment and ptsd and tragic with the innocents who had to suffer. I’m in shock and pain every second of my existence that this happened.

most of what was done was done thru witchcraft and their abilities. We talked thru messenger a few times and the phone barely twice. He banned me from his fearfestevil website and this is the only piece of proof I have him editing a comment I wrote on twitter to this. I have more real proof based on things the band has done and even videos they made before things got bad. The two band members thought they were kissing my ass At first but they didn’t do anything. They do a lot more for their gfs and real groupies. I wasn’t blocked bc I was bothering him he blocked me as proof to show me hes paying attention to me in some way. These people ruined my life.

my precious child of 17 years hidden in their art. I can’t tell the details but it’s not fair. I’m not even angry it’s beyond that. It’s not fair to her

for one year they only gave 10k to charity. They never do this. This started in July of 2018 and that’s when they started doing that. That was them mocking me while my life was being destroyed and I was under mind control and had no clue what was going on. I heard rumors while under mind control that metallica paid a company 10k to ruin my life. That’s why they gave 10k to charity for a year. I also wrote online how Metallica destroys lives and put kirk on dating psychos so they and their entity friends decided to really do it. I was forced And bullied under mind control to get the crap taken down and they had removal website people calling me and I finally agreed to Paying 9k to get it removed but was then told to forget it. This is all stuff being done in the invisible world but them posting about it on twitter or other ways. At some Point while I was under mind control the KIrk and james characters invited me to go on tour and Kirk was supposed to come meet me at a bar near where I lived. He even had me call him and picked up the phone but I was under mind control and didn’t say anything. After their tour started that’s when the master got malicious before that he and the beings involved were somewhat behaved in a sense. they started a skateboard company bc I went out with a guy on a date who owned a skateboard company. The way they write the name is bc I went to a meetup group and played a game that was like that kind of scrabble. They had never met me and using their abilities they know details about my life. It’s a horrifying situation.

the abcs of Metallica was created bc of what I was being put through because I was being ruined by cartoon characters and those were the characters I had to deal with under mind control.

Kirk Hammett posted this on his twitter. The day after my gray tabby went missing to show me he knew what had happened. To this day he knows where my cat is and won’t tell me. This happened last year. From July 2017- August 2018 kirks twitter had to do with conversations we had through his witchcraft abilities. He even posted a picture of himself wearing a witch shirt and wore that shirt at the show to show people that he was into witchcraft bc I kept writing about it and people weren’t believing me or cared. https://twitter.com/kirkhammett/status/1178755450285645824?s=21 the gray cat shown on pet sematary pictures is supposed to represent this tabby. I can’t guarantee that but im pretty sure of it.

What I went through wasn’t just a rare horrible situation it goes deep with who and what was involved. Satan was very involved from the start because this was in the invisible world and involved innocent beings who can’t do anything. These beings who were metallicas friends or kirks masters friends thought they were big shots and kept bragging about their abilities. Their abilities involved murdering or ruining a female and innocent cats. It’s a horrid situation.

For years i Read about the industry and how satan controlled it. All the characters involved Ie cartoon characters who also had their own minds and thoughts Knew every detail about my life And everything I had ever read and everyone agreed Of what was going on and what was involved. movie posters such as the nun and predator were created to warn me about what was happening and to warn these other beings ie metallicas invisible friends to leave me alone. Satan was either forced by God to do this or God was using him or he did it on his own but he made it very obvious using his abilities that he was involved and knew what was going on- using the idea of what I had read about the industry etc. He has more abilities than these stupid beings bragging about what they were doing. I won’t get into the details of the movie posters but even movies and songs were created Before all this happened warning these beings to leave me alone. These beings had deemed me worthless and it was being shown to them I’m not worthless I’m important and that even supposedly a being like Satan was trying to help me out. Pet sematary also came out fast after what these beings were doing to my life. It is very serious stuff. At some point the beings were bragging about how they got satans attention and didn’t want to stop rather than taking it as a warning and it was a huge warning.

more movies involving what i was going through were Spider-Man the cartoon annabelle one of the movie posters chuckie and pet sematary. Metallica was sort of copying this by creating their own cartoon the band members knew what was going on. They also created a claymation video game type thing that’s bc some of the characters Involved in this were of that nature too. Spider-Man was a cartoon bc of this (the female in it had dark hair and brown skin like me) and the annabelle character was a red haired female Ruining another dark haired female. ie there was a red haired female character these entities used to destroy me more so she represented that character. There was a mild looking chuckie who looked almost exactly like one of the characters these beings created called “little moron” who kept torturing me or wanting to hurt me.

this isn’t something I just linked to all of this this was shown to me using apparently satans abilities showing me what these characters meant and even toy story the red haired female was created to represent this red haired female these beings created. Cartoon movies were being created while this was happening and Metallica created their own cartoons too. It’s hard to describe The details but it’s a deeply complex horrible messed up situation involving beings of the invisible world a very famous band who has their own abilities and a being with more abilities than all of these beings even trying to help the situation in his own way.

this isn’t craziness though it sounds it. I was on the swim Cartoon Network which is the satanic Cartoon Network and several cartoons were created right then and there about exactly what I was going through and one character looked exactly like some of the indian characters these beings created. I won’t get into the detail of the cartoons. There is a lot more involved and that happened and it was all a horrible complex situation

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