I will try to tie the black nobility and related families into Today, make it a bit modern with old and newer research to my brief/long chronological rant

As far as my research goes so far which is not much at all.. everything goes back to rome. I can go back to cunieform tablets, sumeria akkadia, etc. if need be, i will. for now we will start with Rome. The Club of Rome exists for a reason.. Im using https://youtu.be/0lch8gyFGFA amysayswtf video research to help guide me, some google/wikipedia and this paper file:///C:/Users/VOOMONSTADOO/Downloads/The-black-nobilityPart1.pdf by ravi madanayake

wikipedia says” the Club of Rome consists of one hundred full members selected from current and former heads of state and government, UN administrators, high-level politicians and government officials, diplomats, scientists, economists, and business leaders from around the globe.[1] It stimulated considerable public attention in 1972 with the first report to the Club of Rome, The Limits to Growth. Since 1 July 2008 the organization has been based in Winterthur, Switzerland.”.. remember switzerland for later.

Club of Romes Mission statement is on their website”climate-plantery emergency”, “emerging new civilization”, “reframing economics”, “rethinking finance”, “youth and young leadership”. they want and have control over all that along with other think tanks. this is just one of MANY thinktanks the Black Nobility controls which in turn controls our world and nation. warming up here..

Our calender goes back to the calender of Romulus. They spoke Latin and Greek which is where most of our language comes from, alot of our words if you get into etymology will blow your mind. . and some seem to be loaded/demonic words. like good morning.. You say when you wake up but Mourning is bad, Morning star= lucifer i can get into another time with more research.

We adopted Roman government with greek influence,we are Rome basically at this point, America. Rome has coopted everything through the Vatican and Catholic Church, using Black pope (Arturo Sosa) and Jesuits as the military hand to subterfuge, infilitrate and influence. So many in power are Jesuits the list is too long to name.

Im starting at Rome because the Imperial Cult of Rome was the first secret society supposebly, around during the time of Jesus. I dont know much about the story of Jesus to be honest but He was probbaly set up and at odds with powerful people possibly Romans?(Needs research) Im trying to link Rome to the Black nobility here and using other research, bear with me.

All royalty throughout history has intermarried with other families forming strong bonds which have lasting affects till today. People are connected in ways we will never know and arent shown public,but the link is there because Black Nobility comes from Roman Aristocratic families who sided with the Papacy under Pope Pius IX after the Savoy family of ITALY overthrew the pope and papal states in 1870

These are black nobility roman families we know of” Colonna, Massimo, Orsini, Ruspoli, Pallavicini, Theodoli, Sacchetti, Borghese, Odescalchi, and Boncompagni-Ludovisi.”

Brief talk of the families here I see “The Orsini family is an Italian noble family that was one of the most influential princely families in medieval Italy and Renaissance Rome. Members of the Orsini family include three popes: Celestine III (1191–1198), Nicholas III (1277–1280),[1] and Benedict XIII (1724–1730). In addition, the family included 34 cardinals, numerous condottieri, and other significant political and religious figures.””descended from the Julio-Claudian dynasty of ancient Rome. “

“Two of Ludovico’s daughters married relevant figures: Geronima to Pier Luigi Farnese, illegitimate son of Pope Paul III and Marzia to Gian Giacomo Medici of Marignano, an important general of the Spanish army.”

Paolo Giordano was created first Duke of Bracciano in 1560. The son of Girolamo Orsini and Francesca Sforza, he was grandson, on his father’s side, of Felice della Rovere[4] (illegitimate daughter of Pope Julius II) and Gian Giordano Orsini and, on his mother’s side, of Count Bosio Sforza and Costanza Farnese,

these last 2 are farnese links to Orsini,

Farneze, Its most important members included Pope Paul III, Alessandro Farnese (a cardinal), Alexander Farnese, Duke of Parma (a military commander and Governor of the Spanish Netherlands), and Elisabeth Farnese, who became Queen of Spain and whose legacy was brought to her Bourbon descendants.”

ALL THESE FAMILIES COME FROM POPES or related to popes and the most powerful people basically in the world at that time.. and you see the Bourbon connection which leads you to

“The House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies is an Italian cadet branch of the Spanish Bourbons that ruled Southern Italy and Sicily for more than a century in the 18th and 19th centuries. It descends from the Capetian dynasty in legitimate male line through Philippe de Bourbon, Duke of Anjou, a younger grandson of Louis XIV of France (1638–1715) who established the Bourbon dynasty in Spain in 1700 as Philip V (1683–1746). In 1759 King Philip’s younger grandson was appanaged with the kingdoms of Naples and Sicily, becoming Ferdinand IV and III (1751–1825), respectively, of those realms. His descendants occupied the joint throne (renamed “Kingdom of the Two Sicilies” in 1816) until 1860, claimed it thereafter from exile, and constitute the extant Bourbon-Two Sicilies family.”


Just a few Families and examples their are hundreds or thousands throughout the centuries .So you see the power and influence they had in the past. Well they still do. Ravi wrote “It is important to note that Venice was never under the control of Rome ” I believe it is the other way around the Roman families whos descendants were venecians took control of Rome. They also had Roman blood i guess?

Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duke of Castro (born 24 February 1963) is one of the two claimants to the headship of the former House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies. Hes one to dig deeper into and the house itself.

They are also all linked to Khazar, Khazarians. Back to constantine the 5th giving birth to Leo the Khazar. Im talking about the Black Nobility here stay with me Trying to line it up in chronoligical orderish

They established the committee of 300 ,club of rome, etc by doing this..

“Not content to be in control of Venice and Genoa alone these aristocrats decided at the death of Queen Victoria, the matriarch of the Venetian Black Guelphs that, in order to gain world-wide control, it would be necessary for its aristocratic members to “go into business” with the non-aristocratic but extremely powerful leaders of corporate business on a global scale, and so the doors to ultimate power were opened to what the black nobility referred to as “the commoners”. And so there was a commercial marriage that took place between the old black nobility families of Venice and Genoa and the emerging Anglo – American financial juggernauts. These Anglo American commercial power houses included the Warburgs, Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, Goldmans, Morgans, Sachs, Lehmans, Schroder, Bush and a few others more. Family dynasties that are known today as the bloodlines of the Illuminati. The marriage of the Black Nobility and these powerful family corporations had been accomplished. This then led to the establishment of the international drug trade, which began with the East India Co (and its child company, the Committee of 300), and international espionage, which began with the Bank of England. The East India Co. was granted a charter in 1600 in the closing days of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. In 1622, under James I, it became a joint stock company. In 1661, in an attempt to retain his throne, Charles II granted the East India Co. the power to make war. From 1700 to 1830, the East India Co. gained control of , all India, and wrested the historic monopoly of opium from the Great Moguls”

Rothschilds are also born into the Black nobility,.


I think its important here to mention the Guelphs

“However it is the marrying into Guelphs which is of interest here because the Pope had allied himself with the Guelphs. The Guelphs are also called the Neri, Black Guelphs, or Black Nobility and were the Normans who conquered England in the 11th century and the Genoese who backed Robert Bruce in his conquest of Scotland, and who supported William of Orange in his seizure of the throne of England. William’s victory resulted in the formation of the Bank of England and the East India Company, which have ruled the world since the 17th century. Every subsequent coup d’état, revolution and war has centered in the battle of the Guelphs to hold and enhance their power, which is now the emerging new world Order. The power of the Guelphs would extend through the Italian financial centers to the north of France in Lombardy established by the Venetians and would later transfer operations north to Hamburg, then to Amsterdam and finally to London”

The black nobility use the jesuits to control everything in society. We have been warned by many people overtime In America and even called them out by name to watch out for the Jesuits. An American senator i forgot his name though, Even Washington acknowledged the existance of the illuminati. Plenty people knew the danger of the Jesuits when this Nation was patriotic.

They are the ones who have brainwashed all media, instiutions, schools, medical, etc. they have the money to create wars as one Rothchilds mother said:

“Gutle Schnaper Rothschild (mother of five sons residing in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna and Naples respectively): “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”

They control bothsides of wars and put people against eachother in lies, which is how they profitted over Waterloo. The term Jesuit means one given to intrigue or equivocation,

equivocation means the use of ambigous language to hide the truth.

Now all these families and relations are tied in and work with the families of the illuminati but this paper by fritz spingmeir gives a few more you may not know.. https://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=

Astor, Bundy, Collins (or Colon,Colom,Colombo,Columbus, district of columbia etc), Du ponts,freeman, kennedy, Li, Onassis, Reynolds, Rockefeller, Rothschilds, Russell, Van duyn, Merovingian, Krupps, Disney, McDonalds. ( BloodLines of the Illuminati, different than 13 Roman bloodlines. But I thought their was a paper with 13 Illuminati bloodlines ill find it)

Think of all these families I have tied together, if you use the links you can do it yourself.

Think of their tentacles stretching in every fucking facet of our life, every single nook and cranny they have access to.. now with technology, we are heading down a dark dark road. I believe what we hear about a Technocratic Transhumanism society is real, they want us to be completely reliant on them and what they let us have, taking away all our freedom and taxing everything including Carbon which is the basic building block of life. We are playing with some evil people here who care about nothing except immortality, or their blood ruling forever. Dont let me get into blood harvesting, origin of vampire myth maybe being khazarians who use jews a scapegoat? medieval paintings of adrenochrome harvesting and child selling. https://i.redd.it/uzznpgw3yvw41.jpg

If you made it this far I assume you can believe this is a PLANDEMIC, and I believe they are behind it in one way or another, and controlling China as well to a degree. They try to control both sides of the coin to make it a rigged flip. They top .1% have all like tripled their wealth this year and also their control over the entire world but most importantly America. We are the last bastion of hope to fight this tyranny. We are protected by laws which even they cant outright takeover, or change, b/c we are protected by our forefothers who knew of these same snakes. It would be too obvious, they have to play the game or we will overthrow Authority or form another confederacy.

They have taken it beyond subterfuge, they are playing a dangerous game here. France recently burned down a bank after they were told its illegal to take pictures of police. Americans are complacent b/c we have guns and have not seen hardships in our face, on our land. We have been through numerous economic depresssions caused by the black nobility and bloodline families, but we have not been invaded. So we hold our guns on our laps chillin until someone comes a knockin. WE need to take more measures, let them know that we know. let them know we wont allow it.

Im trying not to get too metaphysical/spiritual and trying to stay away from pure politics because Im not a god like George Soros thinks he is, Idk what this life really is nor do i Know if trump is controlled. Eveerything goes against him being controlled by this group im speaking of. Hes deff on good terms with the Zionist, but the Zionist and the Black nobility are not on the same team in my research so far. let me know if im wrong. Now im here lets discuss How much they know? They control the vatican, if they control the vatican they have information that noone else does.

Between half a million and two million cuneiform tablets are estimated to have been excavated in modern times, of which only approximately 30,000–100,000 have been read or published. most we have accessable are kept at british museum

but the other 1.9-2 million where the fuck are they and i garauntee you the most powerful people know the knowledge they hold. the ones we have alone can dismantle everything we were taught, how old we are, the bible, what was around before the younger dryas. If you dont know about these tablets Matthew Lacroix talks about them alot and his book i got ” the stage of time” has a reference in the back for pages in the book which has translations to each tablet and explains it. epic reading.

So They hold the knowledge, they hold Wealth. They hold the strings to the puppets.

Money really is everything in this physical world,but its still a tool. People in touch with their higher self do not need money to be happy they can control their mind at anytime and realize what is important what matters and most important who you truly are. Thats why Good will ultimatley prevail. How can evil be sustainable, logically when its inherently evil? You cant trust it it logically cant even work together. evil will backstab evil. Good is the only true way in this reality we live. they are fighting an uphill battle and are losing. We most expose them.

Now many questions are to be asked and left to be answered.. such as Who is good who is bad? Everything is inverted in this world, everything. Is Trump really a “HERO” and saving us from this evil roman khazarian cult of pedophile elites, or is he a puppet controlled by them playing 5d chess? Is Trump a zionist fighting against them, and do they Jesuits use the Jews or Zionist as a scapegoat to hinder the real jews/zionists? this is very confusing and cant be answered right now at least by me.

Do they have knowledge higher than us than makes them control us the way they do and they think its for our good? would I do the same thing if i had their knowledge? These are empirical questions one must ask yourself and where the morality lies within these different factions.

How deep does it go. The Cunieform tablets speak of Annunaki, Enki and Enlil , brothers. Their is Atra-Hasis the story of Noah and the great flood during transition of younger dryas to know told by Akkadians. Sumerian kings list talking of the first gods and than rulers who lived and ruled for 100,000s of years and slowly it went dwn to 10,000s and lower. the story is there written for us and preserved by them for us. It was made to last forever and they have, but it is kept hidden.

Do they know of the Alien races out there? Have they contacted them through technology? Do you believe in Project Looking Glass? The Government mapping these other dimensions through drug induced astral projection (or sober)?

They only group above these wealthy power aristocrats can only be spiritual or other dimensional, extra terrestrial. Is it the Great White Brotherhood? I have yet to research much to let you know just yet.

Make no mistake, this is a game we live in. We are playing on their terms, but we have to create terms and a path for ourselves, for humanity.

At the end of Amysayswtf video of black nobility she talks about HUMAN

HU = property of color. She says the Imperial Cult of Rome claims they have divine right to rule through the lineage of Man birthed by minos the crete, founder of roman empire. He was portrayed in sistine chapel as the devil.

She says the great white brotherhood is the spawn of minos, the “Master race” which occupies switzerland and greenland as the GWB. They have been in power since the fall of the roman empire, and more secret than the black nobility. They have Reddish hair, light skin a

the refer to themselvces as Man, not HUMAN, HU= property of color . They all have reddish light hair, light skin, blue/green eyes. Black = B = 1 + 3 +13 13 families of ROMAN BLOODLINE such as Orsini, Farnese, Medici, etc who LACK the pigment or African/black blood. BLACK 13 who LACK pigment.

Shoutout to all who read this and amysayswtf, and the other papers i got info from. I will update as I have time and do more research, this is a rough outline of what i know for those who would like to know.

read their papers i mentioned and watch videos for more info it goes way deeper than this, thanks. I hope credit was given enough.Awaken my bretheren!



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