China Uyghur concentration camps allegation debunked

Uyghur allegation: There are over 2 million Uyghurs jailed in concentration camps in the name of re-education, but they are secretly being raped, tortured, sterilized, and murdered.

General Logical Rebuttal:

There is no incentive to do so, there is no historical precedence that suggests so, and so far there is no proof of so.

There are 10 million Uyghurs in the entirety of China, taking away 4 million for the population for seniors and children (based on the average working demographic of the world). If a third of the working population are in camps, Xinjiang’s economy would collapse. You would disproportionately see seniors and children on the street instead of adults. A significant number of shops would close down because there are no primary customers to buy things and primary shop owners to sell things. None of this has happened.

Some conspiracists brought up the fact that Han also has a comparable population in Xinjiang as Uyghurs, and that somehow debunks my argument. As far as I am aware, and corroborated by many travellers that have been to Xinjiang, Hans and Uyghurs generally live in different communities and have very little interactions. Most significant towns are occupied by Uyghurs rather than Hans.

On The Number “2 million”:

You have probably seen the satellite image of alleged camps that holds these 2 million detainees. Take one of the most packed areas in the world, New York Manhattan. This place regularly holds 1.6 million people and is an undoubtedly tightly packed place. As there are no skyscrapers in these satellite images, the area of occupation for the 2 million Uighur camps should take up another half of an extra Manhattan. Where are the satellite images of city-sized camps around Xinjiang?

If this does not give you an idea of how ridiculous the number 2 million is, the total population of US inmates is 2.3 million. There are 1,719 state prisons, 102 federal prisons, 942 juvenile correctional facilities, 3,283 local jails, and 79 Indian Country jails as well as military prisons, immigration detention facilities, civil commitment centers, and prisons. The US prisons are also known to be constantly operating at maximum capacity. There should be over 6 thousand different sized facilities in the province of Xinjiang, not just a couple of tens of small elementary school-sized structures.

The Origin of the number 2 million:

As far as I can trace back, there are currently 2 sources for numbers in the millions, World Uyghur Congress and Adrian Zenz’s “study”. The World Uyghur Congress’ number is easy to debunk (not saying Zenz’s is any more difficult). Here is a video of how the president of the WUC, Omer Kanat, responded to their allegation of 1 million Uyghurs.

President Kanat is shown to be not very confident when making statements regarding where their source came from, which he then resorts to saying that the number is provided by “some western media.” Keep in mind that the WUC is what a significant amount of articles cite when addressing the issue of detainee numbers. It is safe to conclude that the World Uyghur Congress has lied.

In the more completed footage, we can see that President Kanat gave tacit approval to the comment made by the interviewer regarding WUC’s affiliation with NED, the NGO that receives funding directly from CIA. NED is behind the civil unrest in Hong Kong, which is a fact that is barely conceived in their own website.

Adrian Zenz’s study is a bit more complicated to debunk because there is an actual “study” to look at. After taking some time to look at the actual study and doing some research on Adrian Zenz, one can quickly find out that he does not have a history in conducting academically approved papers. He has not received education in statistics related subjects and he has a long track record of making some very “questionable” claims. He claimed that he is “sent by God to punish Beijing,” and actively connects homosexuality, gender equality, and bans on corporal punishment to the power of “Antichrist.” His Wikipedia page has since removed any content regarding his “unconventional” beliefs but archives can still be found on the internet.

Regarding the actual study, there is actually nothing much of substance. Most of the paragraphs are dedicated to providing information on the geological and geographical information on Xinjiang. The conclusion of “millions of detainees” is made by interviewing merely 8 alleged former detainees. There is no further useful information in Zenz’s study on this topic. It is fair to conclude, with a relationship to his fundamentalist Christian views and track record of questionable beliefs by today’s standard, that Adrian Zenz’s study is ultimately unfit to be cited by any article.

If you don’t believe my personal account, here is an article that includes a more detailed explanation:

The “Evidence” of Vocational Training School’s Human Rights Violation: Drone Footage of blindfolded men shackled and shaven:

The mentioning of this specific drone footage usually comes with allegations regarding the nature of the content. Most would claim that this is a transfer of Uyghur detainees to the concentration camps. However, a mere close up inspection of the back of vests of these alleged detainees shows that these people belong to the 喀什市看守所, Kashgar Remand Prison. This means that these are inmates, prisoners, literal criminals that are now being portrayed as innocent victims to suit the commentator’s political agenda. Using this footage to argue that the concentration camp exists is ill-intentioned and aims to exploit viewers who can not read Simplified Chinese.

Video of Blindfolded & bound Uighur prisoners

This video holds even less water than the aforementioned drone footage, as the men in the video are featureless. They weren’t even shown to be Uyghurs. So what is video then? This is a video captured in August 2017 on Douban. The blindfolded men are pyramid scheme (MLM) missionaries, literal criminals that scams people of their hard-earned cash and literally destroy lifes and families. They are victimized to suit the agenda of whomever uses this as “evidence” of

Adrian Zenz’s Sterilization Study:

Another unpleasant surprise coming from this Fundementalist Christian on his “God given mission to destroy Beijing.” Zenz, continuing his demonstration of reality warping magic-based power, recently published another study unearthing the shocking news that “80% of all sterilizations in China are performed in Xinjiang.” This is what everyone thinks they have heard.

The actual study is actually on the usage of IUDs, a reversible contraception device.

The actual study? It falls apart very easily. The very document that Zenz supposedly has cited shows that Xinjiang only contributes 8.7% of the total IUDs performed in China.

So this wizard basically turned 8.7% magically into 80%.

Credits to u/Beledorhan for his investigative work. He does a much better job at deconstructing this study.

Adrian Zenz says Xinjiang performed 80% of Chinese IUD’s. It’s actually 8.7% Here’s the actual Chinese primary source he lied about. from Sino

Testimonies by “Former Detainees”:

First of all, it is important to understand the fact that testimonies are anecdotal evidence, heavily subjected to perception bias. Society today suffers from false victimhood because people are very likely to believe the perceived victim and disregard anything coming from the defendant. In the case of testimonies’ falsehood, the defendant is the one that suffers the most.

Tursunay Ziyawudun: Tursunay Ziyawundun is the person that started the Forced Sterilization/Chemical Castration Allegation, which is very rampant on today’s internet.

The Problem? She stated in her interview with Buzzfeed months ago that she “wasn’t beaten or abused”:

Why did she change her testimony? A simple explanation would be that had she claimed to have been physically abused, she would have been asked to show bodily evidence, something that would immediately debunk her claim. Now 7 months later, she could claim whatever she wants to, and can simply disregard any request to show bodily evidence.

Rushan Abbas: Then there is the bizarre case of Rushan Abbas. She actually has a presence on Reddit. She runs an account called u/uyghurrallynyc that has since been shut down after her AMA on r/IAmA gathering over 30k upvotes.

I am Rushan Abbas – Uyghur Activist and survivor of Chinese oppression. My sister and my friends are currently trapped in western China’s concentration camps. Ask me anything! from IAmA

She claims to be an Uyghur activist and that many of her friends were locked up in the concentration camps. So what is the big news? She failed to mention her association with NED, a literal branch of CIA, and her participation in the human rights abuse in Guantanamo Bay in 2003, an actual verifiable human rights atrocity.

It remains unclear what her role was at the detention camp. She later explained that she only did translation work, which, need I remind you, still facilitated the inhumane interrogation of innocent people and the worst-case scenario actually participated in the torturing of mostly religious Muslims. The camp remains open indefinitely under the Trump administration.

Sayragul Sauytbay: This person is on a whole new level of creativity and dishonesty. Her allegations took inspirations from grim-dark fantasy fictions, including:

“Seeing an old woman having her skin flayed.”

Starved throughout an entire week but being force fed BBQ pork on Fridays.“

“Personally raped in front of 200 inmates.”

This all sounds horrible until you look at her original testimony, being that “I didn’t see any violence.”

Seems like the CIA cheques have arrived.

Credits to u/Speedo12deep for the investigative work.

Contradictions in Western testimonies about Xinjiang from Sino

China Refuses Entry to These “Concentration Camps”? False.

Many galaxy brain internet conspiracists have made the same point, that is if there is truly nothing wrong with what they are doing at these camps, then why wouldn’t they allow entry to these camps?

They have, many times.

January 2019: China invited UN observers.

June 2019: China invited UN High commissioner.

Many News Outlets like BBC and Vice have also done documentaries on the issue, with BBC having the opportunity to actually go inside the vocational training schools. The result? No matter how hard BBC tried to portray the schools as hell on earth, including blatantly mis-translating interviewee’s words, using out of context satellite images, and making up lies about a “graffiti that they just so happened to have found on a wall,” the documentary shows nothing of the accused “human right violations,” which of course upsets the conspiracy advocates.

Despite China’s efforts to clear it’s own name, the conspiracists of the west still refuse to accept reality and claim that these “inside footages” are planned and faked to trick the viewers. Simply take a look at the comment section of the BBC documentary.

It is hard to believe that there is somehow a coexistence between people who think that China has something to hide so they won’t allow inside access, and people who think that China has faked the inside access.

The truth has always been there, but it may not be the truth that some people want to see.

The Fake Hair that is Weaved from “Uyghur Detainees’ Hair.”

The most cartoonishly ridiculous accusation award goes to this allegation.

Some media have covered the topic that the US has recently seized $800,000 worth of Chinese synthetic hair products, and with some strange connection to the fact that Chinese prisoners’ heads are shaven (just like every other country’s prisoners, the allegation is born.

However, the debunking of the allegation lies in the articles that report them. Why do they use words like “suspected”, ”alleged”, and “supposedly” when it is rather simple to tell the difference between real hair and synthetic hair? I have asked many people who have experience with fake hair extensions on whether synthetic hair feels or touches differently than real hair. My sister owns one too, which she gladly let me touch it for myself. The result is almost certain that hair extensions and synthetic hairs feel very different from real hair. If the people that seized the hair cargo are not idiots, why are the reports still using words like “suspected” when they would gladly jump on the conclusion of “yes, they are for sure real hair?”

Secondly, hair extension and fake hair weaved from real hair does exist, but they are comparatively very expensive. I could just see the clowns reaching the conclusion that “oh that must mean that the hair extensions are made from detainees’ hair to make big money.” You can sell your long, undyed hair for a good price, that is just a known fact if you have experience with the beauty or cosplay industry, and in most Chinese barbershops, you can sell your hair on the spot if you want. Thus, even if the hair seized is weaved from real hair, that’s not evidence for it being made from the hair of detained prisoners that no one has the evidence of them even existing.

To be continued when more false allegations inevitably rise up.

Side Note: Previous issue gathered over 1100 upvotes, but also 600 downvotes based on the upvote percentage and displayed upvotes. It seems like this is gathering some attention from the conspiracists that believe in alternative truths. I do not care if you downvote or upvote because that’s not the intention. The more widespread this is, the higher chance one or two people will start thinking for themselves.

You can never wake up someone who is pretending to be asleep.

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