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An ongoing project comprising of a collection of biographies of people that have been overlooked in the annals of history. Categorised as counterculture, pseudoscience and absolute lunacy these individuals were not listened to whilst they lived and it’s only upon re-evaluation it becomes clear that a distinct pattern of thought has been suppressed throughout history and has shaped the society we live in today.

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Lúcia de Jesus Rosa dos Santos

Fátima is a town in central Portugal. Known for its plentiful sheep herders and rare geological formations Fátima has a population of roughly 12,000 as of 2020 and benefits from the visitation of many religious pilgrims a year as their main source of tourism.

People come from all around, up to 8 million a year, to visit the famous “Sanctuary” and it’s surrounding village complete with a medical centre and a hotel complex. Inside the grounds of “The Sanctuary” you will find two basilicas and a shrine dedicated to what is known to be “The Fátima Apparitions” prophesied and conformed by 3 small children in the early 1900’s.

All of these questions will be answered in todays instalment of Dead People With Something To Say!

Who Are They

Lúcia Dos Santos was born on the 28th of March 1907 to a sizeable farming family in Fátima, Portugal. Although monetary gain was not their forte, the land their family had owned for generations let them live comfortably. The family lived closer to the Church than the local village and therefore were committed patrons with Lucia becoming a well known teacher of the scriptures even before she was 10 years old.

A passing Jesuit even gave permission for her to get her first communion at the age of 6, four years earlier than the expected minimum age, stating that “She understands what she’s is doing better than most”. It was during this first communion that Lucia claimed she saw one of the churches statues smile at her and claimed she felt “bathed in a calming supernatural force”. This would mark the beginning of Lucia’s mystical initiation and by the age of 8 she spent her time tending the family’s sheep herd with the other local children.

What Did They Say

In the summer of 1916 during this stint tending to the livestock, Lucia and her two cousins would witness what they would understand to be an apparition of an angel.

Thrice times in fact.

The Angel in question was supposedly the famous “Guardian Angel of Portugal” who had been revered in the country since early in the first millennia.

It taught the children two prayers.

One to Mary and Jesus and one to reaffirm the Holy Trinity.

Wether this be an attempt to keep the new “friend” they’d made all to themselves or a simple fear of being ridiculed by the adults, there was something about these visions that inspired the children to keep the tale to themselves.

The winter of 1916 was uneventful in this respect which meant the children stayed tight lipped about their group experience and it would stay this way until the spring of the following year.

The day of May 13 1917 started off like any other for the young Ms De Santos.

Her and her two cousins took the livestock to a local hillside to graze.

Just after finishing their prepared lunch a bright light filled the sky and a dazzling vision of a women appeared in front of them.

It told them it was the Virgin Mary and that the purpose of the vision was to spread the message of gods love and give the children a mission of repairing the sins of humanity. It also told them to return to the exact spot on the 13th of each month at the same time for six months and claimed she would return if they did so.

This escapade made great gossip for the local townsfolk who reacted in the expected fashion.

Skepticism and contempt.

Nevertheless one month later the children and 50 of the locals made their way to the infamous hill and low and behold, Our Lady of Fatima appeared once more.

[As is normal the case with these group witnessing of extraordinary events, that the majority of the group remained at a “safe” distance from the vision itself and only the children stood in talking distance from the vision.

This curiosity occurs quite commonly when large groups see UFO’s and visions and definitely raises some questions regarding gate keeping and legitimacy but even so the subsequent events still make this case on of particular interest.

On this occasion the members of the group that followed the children did indeed claim to see a cloud manifest in front on the children and then fly away to the east shortly after as Lucia cried out in anguish.

She was crying in anguish because the apparition had just told her that whilst her two cousins would be taken to heaven soon, she would remain as God has plans for her on Earth.

Talk of this event spread across the local area and by the time July 13th had rolled around about 2 and a half thousand people were excited to witness this holy blessing.

It was during this second vision that the Virgin Mary showed the children a vision of Hell and told them that this is the reality they are attempting to stop from happening. She said that it was the children that have the power to stop World War 1 and if you ever see a bright shining light in the sky, know that this is the sign of the end. She also foretold of the conflict between Russia and the West saying that if the children did as she asked Russia, who in the eyes of god apparently was sinful, would be saved and world peace would be achievable.

This was enough to take the story national with all the mainstream press writing stories detailing the children’s experiences with an intrigued but skeptical tone. This stint in the news also marks the point when the local government started sending agents to the hillside where the visions were taking place and ordering them to destroying any relics people had made to stop people gathering there. At any rate this shows they found this whole debacle to at least be of some annoyance if not a great deal of alarm as the fabled 13th of October inched forward and local excitement grew.

On the morning of the scheduled September visitation the children were kidnapped by the Mayor of the nearby town, Vila Nova De Ourém. He demanded to know the secrets the children had gained from these visitations but couldn’t sway them an inch even offering them wealth and threatening them with death. They claimed they would rather die than give up the secrets and so they were moved to a local prison. Released in time to see the Lady of Fatima on the hill Septembers visit brought conformation of October’s miracle for all to see and the stage is set for what history now calls The Miracle of the Sun.

Word had spread like wildfire across Europe and people from all over had began to make pilgrimages to Fatima in preparation for the upcoming miracle. On the morning of October 13th it was reported that in between 30,000 – 40,000 (Some accounts even report up to 100,000 witnessing the event) were gathered at the fabled location Lucia had foretold waiting patiently for something to happen, and happen it did.

Reports from selectors vary from the sun “zig zagging” around the sky, radiant colours beaming through the clouds to the time around the miracle becoming distorted to where second felt like hours. Hundreds of eye witness testimonies were conducted in the subsequent years and whilst minor details regarding the event to tend to change age there are surprising little skeptical takes on the matter. Witnesses reported seeing atmospheric anomalies from roughly 25 miles away from Fatima, there are clear as day pictures of the event available on the internet and in 1930 the Catholic Church official acknowledged the event to be of “supernatural character”.

Lucia’s two cousins died of influenza shortly after the miracle (which was apparently hypothesised by the bison of the Virgin Mary in an earlier apparition) whilst Lucia herself lived until the ripe old age of 97, and passed away in 2005. She lived mostly in silence speaking only of spiritual matters and put most of her energy into writing her several memoirs documenting the things she had experienced as a child including the three famous secrets left to her by the Virgin Mary although the third and final secret would be held by the Vatican until March of the year 2000.

So poignant question at this point would be, why did the Catholic Church take nearly 100 years to spill the beans regarding this elusive third secret?

Why does it matter?

The content of the three secrets left to Sister Lucia are points of great contention within the Catholic community and this pertains to the interpretation of the secrets themselves.

That is to say that no one party can agree on the meaning of the third and final vision.

The first secret is known to be about the end of World War 1 and the beginning of World War 2, the second secret has been known to refer to the fall of Soviet communism but the third secret remained a mystery until on May 14th 2000 the Vatican made an official statement regarding secret 3. The vision itself depicted a bishop dressed in all white falling to the ground surrounded by images of gunfire and terror. According to the Vatican this was supposed to foreshadow the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul 2nd in 1981 but there are a few begging points that might cause one to question this interpretation.

Namely the amount of time that passed between Sister Lucia revealing the first two secrets and her subsequent vow of secrecy regarding the elusive third secret.

So one may ask, what vision could have made Sister Lucia resort to such drastic methods of secrecy?

Could it pertain to the sanctity of the very institution she was a part of?

83 years passed since initial revealing of the secrets to the children and per their interpretation of what they saw, the first two secrets appeared to have come true.

Two wars came to pass and the Western World fought against the rise of Soviet Communism.

It is at this juncture the writer would like to point out the sharp decline in religious thought across the western world.

Catholicism has had some awful PR in the last few decades and orthodox followers of any religion have declined as a result. To be perfectly honest at least here in the UK Christianity has been relegated to the realms of ridicule amongst the common man. This is due to the headlines we have all read regarding child abuse running rife throughout the upper echelons of the church and whilst one feels that a lot of this satirical attitude towards he church IS well deserved, one does feels we are in danger again of throwing out the baby with the bath water.

The third secret was announced in May 2000 and emphasis was placed upon the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul 2. It was announced on the 64th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun and implied that Lucia’s third secret was regarding this attack but compared to the grand scale of the first two secrets doesn’t this third secret seem to be a little underwhelming?

Besides Pope John Paul 2 didn’t even perish from the attack and subsequently went on to have a somewhat amicable relationship with his attacker based upon the lords forgiveness of his actions.

It seems like whilst this attack could be included in the scope of this falling bishop vision, it seems to have spoke more to the collapse of the entire institution of Christianity as a whole.

Which would explain why the Church itself might want to keep the full nature of Lucia’s third secret close their chest.

To protect what has been closest to them.

It would also explain her reluctance to part with the secret in the first place as this concept must have been difficult for her orthodox lifestyle to comprehend.

Finally it would also confirm the validity of all three of the secrets and therefore confirm the actual apparitions themselves which in light of modern science and culture seems incredibly significant and in this authors opinion rather exciting.

So, in an effort to tie up any loose ends, The apparitions, miracles and prophecies told at Fatima in the budding years of the 20th century seem to speak truth upon the geopolitical events of the past century and by extension lends validity to the hypothetical existence of some sort of higher intelligences that have an understanding of our society and culture in the same vain as doctrines of the Pantheons of ancient times and the channeled works of the 1950’s UFO flap.

This sort of insight is of great value in this peculiar time in our history when science and spirituality seems to be coinciding with each other on a daily basis. The question from here would be, will they forever remain separate like oil and water or one day (perhaps soon 👀) are we going to see official acknowledgment of the shared ground these two camps occupy.

Stick around to find out in the next instalment of, Dead People With Something To Say ✌️

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