Donald Trump

  Donald Trump used to run beauty pageants, including childs beauty pageant "Miss Teen USA". He is friends with Jeffery Epstein, a known child sex-trafficker. Trump appeared on Howard Stern in 2005. He bragged about walking into the dressing room at the Miss USA pageant while girls were naked. He admitted this. These were grown women that he essentially admitted to walling in on while naked, technically sexual assault, but he also ran the Miss Teen USA pageant. And there are allegations that he did the same thing to these underage girls. There are many pictures of Jeffrey and Donald together that frame their relationship as intimate. Sure, there is at least one picture of Epstein with anyone who goes to Hollywood parties. They probably went to these social events looking for people to sell children to and rich people of course have money. But the people that have multiple photos over the years are likely intimate friends. 

 That is just the background. The theory I propose is this: Jeffery Epstein was a child sex trafficker. He needed a constant supply of underage girls to fill orders for rich and powerful pedophiles. Ghisliane Maxwell has been stated as acting as his procurement agent, if you will, but I think that Epsteins business was far too big for just Ghisliane to fill his orders alone. Donald Trump may have acted as a resource to target vulnerable girls for trafficking. People like Epstein  get into organizations where they have priveleged access to children. Donald had that. 

Belki Q, Trump’ın pedofilleri yıkacağını söylediğinde, bunun nedeni cumhurbaşkanı olmanın onu artık gizleyemeyeceği spot ışığına koymasıydı.

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