Mayaların öngördüğü dünyanın sonu.

     So, supposedly when most of the world switched to the Gregorian calendar, 11 days were not added and left out from the Julian calendar in which we switched from. Putting ourselves at the year this happened would have been the year 1752. 1752 and 2020 are 268 days apart. If we multiply 268 days by 11 days we get 2,948 days. Now dividing that into year makes roughly 8 years!! Subtract that from 2020 and we get what the year would have been which is 2012. 

     Eeek! We all know when the Mayan calendar ended, but just in case you don’t, it was 2012. Some people speculate that the calendar ends there because that’s when the Mayan’s prophesized the world ending!! I guess only time will tell! 

     With this information coming to light though, I’m wondering why people were saying the world was going to end in what we knew to be 2012? Maybe they didn’t know this fact? I’m sure there’s someone out there kicking theirselves in the ass because they sold their house, quit their job, and made other decisions that correlated to the world ending!?

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