Meditation contact high, Enlightened Beings and the current control structure (illuminati)

No flashy writing in this, Just a lot of very valuable information which I think a lot of people would love to hear. Please post your personal experience of meeting people who have this silence, maybe they are not enlightened. But they made your day and were so so sweet. And you still think about them today.

This is something that I think only a very small amount of people fully understand and have experienced. And a lot of people will understand partly, and some not at all. That is okay. Soak it all in.

Edit: this dude was 20 years old. And enlightenment happened very quickly to him. I would say it happened to him one month and a half (maximum time) before I met him

I figured this would be the best location to post the following content. After first hearing Duncan Trussel describe on JRE that being around the recently departed Ram Dass is like taking 150 micrograms of super clean LSD I have been super interested in the idea of contact highs. Which seem to be an effect of being around people who are extremely and vastly empty and silent through deep deep deep meditation. As well as a brilliant combination of very strong ‘awareness’ which comes through meditation. And if you have experienced even a tad of this awareness, then you know that it comes from a WAY higher place than where we are now. After searching on the internet for peoples experience of contact highs through deep mediators I came to realize that there was not a lot of content about it at all, which surprised me. I assume this information would be of value to a lot of people here, so here I am filling that niche. First I will tell you about my true experience of meeting an extremely empty and silent person around about 8 months ago. Emptiness is key in this life time and it is the way forward, to get to this empty state you get there through concentration. If you have experienced even just a tad of silence through meditation, then you will quickly realise that by getting a hold of more of this silence. That it is never ending bliss. It just doesnt end, never. And you just bathe in it. The one thing that always rings the same about peoples experiences with enlightened and realized beings is that they describe them as being completely empty and it is like there is nothing there. Everything just passing through them. They are almost like a mirror.

I was in a meditation camp somewhere in South East Asia. I was going to stay there for two weeks, I have done a small amount of meditation in the past. Nothing too hectic though. I have definitely always seen meditation as the way forward and that there are great great things which come from it. It was a two hour bus ride to the secluded mediation camp, trees were whizzing past my jet lagged vision. I was tired, but also content. Excited what the next few months were going to hold. I hopped off early to grab some supplies; Mosquito net, some reading material, and a lot of bug spray (which turns out is not the best thing to bring to a monastery haha). 30 minutes later I was at the monastery, a long road lined with rosy pink bushes and nice wood oak trees lead me to the main center. There I waited 1 hour to get checked in, do my thing, and make my self at home.

The next day I decided to walk a bit and sit down to read my kindle. About 5 minutes later there was a guy who approached me who had the most beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful essence and vibe I have ever experienced. It went like this: He said hello from about 5 meters away and at first there was nothing different about him, but the moment he made direct eye contact with him I was completely sucked into his presence. When he made that first eye contact with me, there was this emptiness which shot through him. The best way to describe it is as a one handed clap, if that makes any sense. Its there and you can definately feel it, but at the same time it is nothing. And I realized he was doing something completely different to everyone else. Another thing I noticed was his glow, holy. Like gold particles around his face, no shit. He came up to me and Immediately my whole world just became so so so silent. a massive smile grew on my face, and I was high as FUCK. He was a completly different flavour of person, nothing like I have ever experienced. There was nothing, and I was compelely taken a back. The only way to describe it is that he had this insane presense that put you under his spell. He was in a completely meditative state. And he was so high, and when I say high, I mean HIGH. You could tell he was so so empty and that the vibrations of everything which he looked at hit him like a truck. And you realise that the whole world and everything around us is extremely psychedelic and you just need to become silent enough to realise it. Another thing I noticed immediatly was the very powerful ‘Awareness’ which was passing through him. You could notice it at the very start and that it lifted you to another realm. The only way I can describe this Awareness is as it being ‘smokey’ it was so there and it came to my attention very fast. He started talking and he was so so so so so fucking chill. Next level chill. relaxed x 1000. Un-humanly chill. He was definetly something else. He was 100% awarenesss. He was just completely in a spell. There was nothing there. Nothing behind his eyes, nothing. Completly nothing, just awareness. He had the most fucked look in his eyes haha, there was just nothing behind them. But I can not describe to you how chill he was, no words can describe, there are no words. He answered my questions extremely precise. Another thing I noticed was that there was a lot of feminine energy coming through him to. You can see in some of the depictions of jesus that he had a feminine vibe about him, this was the same. Beutiful eyes too, so innocent, it was like they knew everything. The reason he origonally came over to me was because he wanted to make sure that I wasnt waiting to get checked in, when he first came here he had to wait there for 3 hours. The way he said this was so so so loving, so much love was just bubbling out of him and pouring into me. He geniunely just didn’t want me to be waiting. And this care and love, it was something which I have never ever experienced in my life. This was it, it was probably a one or two minute experience. Definately one of the top ten highlights in my life. Another funny moment was he handed me a candle, and said here man ‘take this magical joint’. This was towards the end and at the moment he said that there was even more silence which came out of him, and I was litereally speachless, I did not know what to say, I just sat there for 5 second. Another point was that he just came back from getting food, it was lunch time. Most people would say hey your obviously new here lunch is at 12.30. But I didnt want lunch, and I would prefer that they didnt tell me. He didnt mention anything about lunch. Just before he left he said he was going quiet this week but he would give me some eye contact and some winks. After he left, I was just like what the fuck, I didnt know what happened. He completly put me under a spell. I just shook my head and was like what. Another thing to note, was that the feeling I had in my stomoch 10 seconds after he left was the feeling I would have after an very very very very good meditation, very very empty. This is how much silence was bubbling out of him and into me. The other thing to note was that I would most likely say that he was toning it down for sure, there was defintely more silence that he was capable of, but it would of been too much for me. The reason for me saying this is that when you caught him of gaurd like turning around in the food line to give him a thumbs up, he smile but would close his eyes, definately trying to avoid eye contact for sure, I noticed this alot. One look and you would be as high as a kite. You notice that the eyes are literally the only point of energy transfer from one person to another. I also find it funny, how people would walk behind him and not notice anything different about him, but little did they know that he was surfing so so so deep on the endless ocean of nothing/love. He definetly stayed under the radar. I don’t think many people knew about him. Im sure there are a large amount of people like this around the world, the ones you hear about publicly, such as Ekhart Tollie and sadhguru in my opinion will have be bathing some what in the ocean of love but not fully in it, I could be wrong though. And many other well known claimed ‘enlightened beings’ will be COMPLETE frauds. You will find the true silent beings will be for sure be fully outside of the public light. This guy that I met definately had the ability to tone it down and not give you any contact high (which I was very impressed of, I didnt know how he did it). I always found it interesting how he could function on the human interaction level, and be completly normal. But you knew when he was alone, he was complelely nothing and operating on a completly different realm. A true hidden saint. I think there will be a lot of these people around the world, keep your vibe open and know what to look for and maybe you will find some ; )

If you are enjoying any of this and have any comments, please post them below : D

Truly Truly special

At the mediation camp I wanted to tell more people about this guy, I started to tell one person about him. And I got goosebumps. I was speechless. Ram Dass also described this when talking about Maharaji. He gets speechless and his hairs rise up on his skin. Ram Dass also described the feeling of when you leave Maharaji (I am convinced Maharaji is one of the greatest saints to have ever walked india) for months and you would still feel his presence with you. I experienced this only very slightly with the guy I met. When he would look at you or give you a wink, you felt like he was in just in possession of the most simple and valuable thing (which he was). When he would give you eye contact you would literally feel like a child again, It was insane. You literally just want to take this person and protect them and bundle them up.

Since these guys are in complete flow, the universe lines up certain funny and touching sernarios around them

I remember Duncan Trussel talking about the time that he was at a Ram Dass retreat, It had been raining the WHOLE week, at the end of the retreat Ram Dass puts his floatys on and swims with the guests out into the ocean. Duncan trussel decided to stay inside and watch from the house. As they started swimming out there the weather started to clear and become sunny, and there was a rainbow which appeared Right above Ram Dass’s head.

I expereinced certain similar experiences around this guy too. I noticed that he would always pop up in the most un likely and un expected times. You would look over your shoulder and there he would be just talking to some guy. Or you would be leaving your room and he would be chilling there pouring some water in the most unexpected time. It was always a pleasure to see him. Another moment similar to the Ram Dass story was there was a big staircase which leads to the meditation hall. It is probably 30 meters and quite steep. Near the end of my stay I was walking up these stairs and I decided to look at the top of the staircase, the moment I looked up and this silent being would suddenly arrise out of the very top of these steps like a king. It brang the biggeset smile to my face. Something that would never happen with anyone else. He definately just came of a HEAVY meditation session, but he was able to tone it down and not get me high, there was not alot of eye contact though. Another moment I remember was there is a prayer sang before going to get food, you line up, sing the prayer and then walk down to get food. I noticed one time the moment he arrived and stood in the line, everyone started singing the prayer. Perfect timing. These beings are in complete flow and everything just links in together.

Pride and ego

I saw him in the kitchen one time and came over to him, immediately just bracing my self for his silence and presence. But there was none, he was not a show off and was very humble. We had a conversation, there was another guy that came and we talked to him. This man who just arrived was new to meditation and was asking about it. This silent person made the following description. “My favourite and most acurate description is this, Imagine you are in the ocean. At the top of the ocean there are alot of waves. It is quite rough and loud. But as you get deeper with this meditation, you get deeper and deeper into the ocean, becoming more silent at the same time. And as you come deeper into this silence you start to see the karmic waves in effect” and then he topped it off with “but im not saying im even at that point, I just like that analogy.” We also talked about how these guys at this monestary have to give away all that money in order to fully become a monk. He said haha, “I would never do that, I’m not saying I have a lot of money though”

He definetly knew more

As you get more silent, you know more stuff. He 100% knew what kind of person I was, what stuff I was into, and my personal situation without me saying anyting. I like how the universe does this, as you get deeper and deeper into the silence you become more and more loving. You begin to get more ‘powers’ , but the only way to get these ‘powers’ is by becoming much more silent/loving, not allowing anyone of bad intention to get a hold of these. Very smart.


He sat in front of me during meditation. I always wondered what It would by like to sit near someone who has the capibillty of samadhi mediation. I always imagined that there would be a large expansive energy bursting out of them. but no, it is the complete opposite. You look ahead at them, and there is nothing there , nothing at all. Just a complete void. He used to do his meditation, and the sit back and lean on his hands, you could tell that he was in COMPLETE bliss, un-ending bliss. I cannot imagine what one second of eye contact would of done to me. I read in auto biography of a yogi that when you stood around yogic masters who are in deep meditation such as *Lahiri Mahasaya,* that you can sense so much silence and just bathe in their presense and leave up lifted for the whole week. This is with no eye contact whatsoever. Which goes to show someone like Lahiri Mahasaya was bathing so so so deep in the ocean of nothing. I did not experience this. Maybe the guy I met was not at this level, or he left his heavier mediation for his room, I don’t know.

Insane glow, awareness, and possible thought transference

I remember him sitting two people away from me during one of the english bhuddist discorses. Even when he moved to reposition his legs. It would immediately draw all of your attention to it, there was so much awareness. One time I was standing with him and he was pouring making some tea, I was pretty keen to have some of that tea, I thought that for a second, he then asks me if I want tea. The glow he was rocking was insane, the first time he came up to me there were literally gold particles around his face and eyes. One time I looked over at him, and his eyes were literally flames. There was another time when he was leaving the mediation session I was maybe 7 meters from him. I just came of a decent mediation session so I was feeling pretty clear. I could see he was laughing and at the same time an image popped into my head. At the time I did not know what It was. But then two days later I was talking to this silent person and he said yeah the other day when I came out of my meditation session I was imagining a yogi surrounded by towers of books all about mediation, him just being like ‘hmm this mediation is hard to get the hang off, even though it is the most simple thing ever.” It was something along the lines of that . Then it clicked. That image that he was describing was the exact some one which I had in my head when I saw him laughing leaving the mediation session. I assume I managed to pick this up because I was pretty clear just coming off a mediation session, and the fact that it was coming from someone who was extremly silent so this picture would of been extremely strong over the backdrop of the ocean of love. And maybe he threw that thought/image to me? I am not sure

They are still human

Even though these people are extremely special. They are still human, someone like the recently passed Ram Dass, cannot talk properly but still is an amazing essense. If for example you are a cool person and/or are valued highly by other people, your friends will tend to tip toe around you. And then you meet someone who is honest, doesn’t agree with everything you say and treats you like anyone else. You respect this person more. I noticed this with the guy I met, In the descriptions of Maharaji and Ram Dass’s relationship. And in the youtube video called OSHO – I invite you to my bathroom. He was not as ass licking as other interviewers were and it looks like Osho liked him because of this. If you treat these people like any other person (which they are) they will respect you more

book recommendations which contain more of the content above

– Miracle of love (a book about Maharaji) by Ram Dass – This book is a very special one. It will definitely make you reconsider what reality really is, and how it is far more malleable and flexible than what we have been told. We live in a realm

– Chants of a life time by Krishna Dass – Krishna dass’s experience with Maharaji

– Autobiography of a yogi

Telling other people about contact highs

I have been pretty supprised by the reaction of different people who I have told about my experience with getting high as a kite from being around someone who is emmensly present. Out of the people that I have told, only a very small amount were genuinely intregued and wanted to know more. Which was very surprising to me. If I had never heard of contact highs and someone told me that you can hang around very heavy meditators and get very high. To say that it would peak my interest would be an understatement.

How to fix the current control system

The ONLY way is through meditation. The ONLY way is by working on ourselves. The one thing to remember is that the control structure (illuminati) does not come and then destroy the human condition. The human condition was already receding then the illuminati takes its place. It happens first that the human state deteriorates, then satan moves in. Not satan moves in then the human condition deteriorates. The only way to get out of this mess is by meditation. I will explain why. Meditation gives you access to the ultimate thing. Which is true nothing. AND ENOUGH OF THIS TRUE NOTHING CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS. No shit. I’ve experienced this true nothing through an enlightened person and it is a truly truly special thing. If everyone in the world just had slightly more silence going through them before. You would see a change in the world over night. The ONLY thing to change this mess is through meditation. There is no other way. The world is still a beautiful and perfect place.

Hope you guys enjoyed. Please post your personal experiences in the comments. I would love a lot of activity down below

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