r/conspiracy - Most people I know...don't know the wolf

I am pretty sure you all heart about the wolf in sheep cloth.

Who is the wolf you may ask? Well, that is the typical question that will pop up in your mind.

What does he look like? That’s the second question that will pop up if you show interest in this kind of topic.

But have you ever asked yourself how the wolf is and how the wolf must be, structured in his workings internally while executing what he does on the outside, for the symbiotic workings of each and every aspect, in order to be a good wolf and a successful predator, within its variety of different kinds and species of wolfs?

Let’s be honest, do you really want to find out or even care to find out? Are you in a comfort zone and don’t want to destroy your illusions about a nature inside of mankind, that is as full of darkness as it is for the sadistic pleasure to enjoy the pain of others? Then stop reading now and watch some cat videos on YouTube to get rid of the unpleasant feeling that arouse in you after reading the last sentence.

If you want to find out, if you truly want to find out how individuals are inside, how they think and operate, up to the level of pedophile rings that enjoy raping children to death? If you are not afraid to look into the deepest darkness to find inside the brightest light, please follow me on this journey to discover the quintessence of evil at its psychological and spiritual core. Ready?

Humans have long been aware of a predatory nature that lies in some individuals of mankind and described them while also sharing them to created awareness, with the tools and technical possibilities at that giving time. With the industrial revolution following a medical revolution with new tools and methods then used for clinical studies and later screening the human brain in 3D, we know now and can prove what was told, like a children’s story of the Brother Grimm’s, only some ages ago.

Doctors and psychologists worked together for many decades to integrate their observations with the clinical studies and brain scans performed, in order to create categories of anomalies they discovered, compared to a healthy subject and are such to a degree that they got classified as Personality Disorders. Within this different diagnosis of Personality Disorders, sub-labels have been created to group up Personality Disorders that show similarities in behavior or problems caused by them either with one self’s inside or/and the outside world as well.

Within that group of sub-labels, there is one and one only specific sublabel that has the unique criteria “causes harm to them selves AND others”. They labeled it, as objective and unspectacular as it can be, short and simple “Cluster-B”.

Within this Cluster-B the following Personality Disorders are listed:

– Borderline Personality Disorder

– Narcissistic Personality Disorder

– Histrionic Personality Disorder

– Antisocial Personality Disorder aka Sociopathy/Psychopathy

I am convinced you all heard of at least one of these Personality Disorders before, but 99% sure not of the Histrionic Personality Disorder ;). This diagnose is rarely used nowadays nor given anymore, as it is rather a set of traits and behavior and if you want, the packaging but not the inside workings. As modern psychology started at 0 and it was later found out, that it is only the “histrionic” behavior shown by the individuals, but underneath and at core are the workings found in one of the three other Personality Disorders.

Q: So is it worth talking about the Histrionic Personality Disorder now?

A: Well, actually not.

Q: So why are you talking about it?

A: In order to make this posting complete and objective, while not hide anything that is on the list

Q: Have you just wasted 1 minute of my pressures lifetime?!

A: That depends on you, but anyway… I have +1 now

You: Wtf man, I have lots of other stuff [you mean shit?]I need to scroll through, give me my dopamine hit… now!

The histrionic patient is labeled as one that seeks attention and admiration, wants to be everybody’s darling or the contrary feared and hated by everyone, but to be of such unavoidable presence in the lives of their surrounding and people speaking about or looking up to them. To reach their more or less high standard or goal, they are even willing to compromises themselves up to the degree of a fake personality, in order to be liked by others. Is it a coincidence that no one knows or speaks about the Histrionic Personality Disorder as it could be a synonym for Facebook, Instagram, and Co in a nutshell? You can decide that for yourself, anyway, these individuals within their label of criteria are the least of treat and danger for others, besides using manipulation and fake it till you make it in order to reach their desire.

The Borderline Personality Disorder could be the one most of you have read or heard about in an article or in a conversation, as it is the only PD out of the Cluster-B that mainstream media and institutions actually talk about. Another reason is that it is also considered the one out of the group, that causes a lot of damage to the individual, and compared to a Narcissists or Psychopath, the Borderliner seeks some relief of his condition and is also, more or less willing, to start a lifelong therapy and constantly working on themselves their condition can be turned from wild to more mild, but never totally cured or healed. This is also the only one out of the group, where the behavior and the problems caused by words and actions is often clearly visible to the outside world, as the BPD is emotionally unstable as well as not capable of fully controlling its own emotions and they can be triggered, more or less easy and often by literally anything that is going on inside or outside of them. Recent research shows that Borderline is a Personality Disorder, that rarely comes alone and the term “Co-Morbid” is used to describe its rather complex and multilayered mix involving the 3 others out of this group but also Schizoid up to Schizophrenia, Paranoia, various forms of temporary or permanent forms of psychotic episodes up to a multiple layered Psychosis, Hallucinations and literally every other Personality Disorder out there on the market. To be honest, it is really a mess, and some therapeutic openly state that they “feel the urge to jump out the window” when having the hard cases as a patient.

While I personally feel sorry for the amount that really suffers and tries to minimize the damage done to others, especially their spouse, theirs is something odd in general with the Borderline Label. The amount of females is 75% to 25% males, while the Narcissistic Personality Disorder has 75% male and 25% female and it also 75% man and 25% in regards to the Antisocial Personality Disorder. Considering that genetics and by that also the chance of developing of a Personality Disorder in your lifetime should be equal to the number of men and female we are born, around 50-50? The key to understanding this contrary is actually the error, in the system that created these labels and also within the criteria to diagnose itself.

For example, the Antisocial Personality Disorder has the criteria of either or a sum of : Being in conflict with authorities and the law, showing criminal behavior or engaged in criminal activities or using physical force or violence, like the typical criminal that sits in jail. And yes, the jail is full of men and fewer women. The key to understanding this phenomenona is within the nature of the difference between the two genders. While the man is physically stronger and build in that way that he could successfully beat someone up, a woman rarely does because she rarely has this capability to match up or stand a chance in a physical fight. Another reason is within the mind and using and playing the perfect role inside is genders of a possible predator or manipulator, and calculation the chance of success.

That being said, many pieces of research and studies come to the conclusion that the Borderline Personality Disorder is actually the female version of the male Antisocial Personality Disorder, but it was dismissed for a long time, as the huge differences between the genders, especially by their own psychology and nature have not been counted in. Braincases and the possibility to record the electromagnetic activity of different in real-time also provided data that revile the same what is at core and result as it is with the male counterpart, but does show up in such in another variety of expression and forms while and when it runs through a different “operating system”.

For that reason and benefit, a male has the better cards to:

Get along as macho, being a dick, or being an asshole that gives a shit about everything while being overt and dominant, yelling with his voice or using physical force and violence and any other form of “Alpha” behavior in general.

While it suits a female better to be covert and:

Triangle people against is other, manipulating within different social groups until it matches up, victimhood mentality while victim-blaming (toxic masculinity), manipulating emotions of others and using or faking their own emotions to make a drama or start crying and last but not least, using their weapons that only a woman can have, up the quality of 3th Reich Wunderwaffen.

Joke aside, did you notice something in the listing? Yes, the list for the females is longer, not for the reason that men are not capable to use these tools and in fact, they use these same tactics as well. What I wanted to point out is the chance of success as randomness is the natural enemy of every predator. At best, it is calculated from the inside out so that the chance a manipulator or predator can get through with it can be considered a sure thing, and what is most important, the OUTSIDE world needs to believe it as well. The best among these have such a high self-awareness to the degree that they have the same quality in regards to the awareness of others, while being reflected as objective in their analysis and believe it or not, absolutely grounded in reality if they like it or not.

At the moment they experienced self-awareness as a child, they experienced that the others are so different and even blamed or wanted to change them, until realizing that they are the one who is different and they need to find a way to adjust to this given. Observing and analyzing “the others” while finding out what it is about, is a constant task of learning and evolution as it increases the chance to get what you want. It is latterly like an alien visiting earth and everything is new and different while nothing is, as it is inside themselves. Consider yourself just being a shill with the urge and need to fill. Then think about the best ingredients to take, while figuring out how to cook and later how to bake, developing your unique recipe to place inside this shill…a delicious cake. What to use best and how to use is given by the only one factor we have no influence in if you were born as male or female as it is the foundation at cure and the first layer of your structure.

Having that in mind, the “gap” of 75% and 25% in gender and in regards to the Borderline Personality Disorder turns out to be the same “gap” as 25% to 75% female to man in regards to the Narcissist Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder aka Sociopathy/Psychopathy. Calculating both parts making it at a roundabout or even 50-50, being on pair so that each male psychopath has a female soulmate looking for the love for a lifetime somewhere on planet earth, desperately waiting for him/her. It is by nature and nowadays also society and current norms, that women are more successful in psychological and emotional manipulation while being “en-able-d” to play the victim at the same time. In western society and also other men living in that, tend to believe a woman more when she states that she is the victim of any form of abuse or violence, and also the victim in the relationship. Seeing a woman in pain or tears usually triggers the primal savior and defender mechanism for the female partner and deeply programmed into man’s biology by Mother Nature. It is not that something is wrong with our nature, but even the unskilled manipulators of both genders know these primal triggers from the inside out but using even more advanced technics and the more years they have, the longer they trained and usually better they get. I am talking about lifelong training in the arts of manipulation, each day, every hour every minute. Imagine yourself investing time to learn a job, your profession, creativity like painting or making music. No matter how unskilled or untalented you are, you will have some quality after 10-20 years of doing it for sure.

In general, the spectrum around Psychopathy is sharper and more analytical better suited as a cold-blooded calculator, as they lack emotions from the day they were born and don’t have to deal with them, neither does it play a part in their decision making. The spectrum of the Narcissist on the other hand is the more skillful manipulator, in fact very strong and manly emotions such as an obsessive desire for something or someone they want to “have and own”, envy, rage, hate, or revenge are the strongest drivers for the Narcissist to get active and execute on this emotions in a more ruthless manner. If you heard about brutal or sadistic and “sick” killings, keep in mind that the Psychopath lack emotions in general and are by nature not evil, he or she just don’t care because there is no reason nor a feeling to do so. They get what they want by simply taking it and giving a shit about the consequences, but emotions in general or doing for it “evil” fun is likely not part of their agenda but it can become one.

On the other hand, the Narcissist is fully aware that HE/SHE is driven by his or her own negative emotions and hate, but still the “other” is responsible and to blame and has to be punished for “misbehaving” in the amount “x” of causing you pain. The Narcissists alone decides what is “x”is and how much “x” should be until it can be considered as justice in the eyes of the Narcissist. You know how easy it for example to crush even a powerful man with the accusation of rape and it does not matter if the accusations turn out as a hilarious lie, the damage is done and often irreparable. It is only about the situation and its circumstances, what suites best and could or should be done in order to succeed while investing only the minimum to reach your goal.

Capable of understanding when, what and how to invest in nowadays society in the spectrum of multiple divide and conquer strategies, like “toxic masculinity vs feminism” or “white vs black” and “democrats vs republicans”, is the everyday work and passion in the hand in the ones, who are running the show and enjoy as much power as they do control, even other manipulators and predators in their role of a more or less capable and powerful puppet master.

These individuals can be found in the two groups that cause, the most damage towards others and rarely any damage to themselves, being the most dangerous as intelligent and capable out of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder aka Sociopathy/Psychopathy, ether as stand-alone but more often and successful as Co-Morbid a mix of both. You can call them sloppy “Narcopath”, but this would not match with the secret that lies within the perfect combinations of traits from one side and the other, while having less of the traits these individuals actually “suffer”, like risk-taking behavior or impulsivity. These are among the two main reasons even a highly functional individual out of this group is at risk to either fail or worst case, getting detected by others. Believe it or not, these individuals work hard on themselves, not for the reasons to change or end the pain and misery they cause to others, but to train hard and learn from “mistakes” to make it better next time while being reflected and aware enough to analyze situations and dangers and realizing the moment BEFORE they get too hungry or greed, stepping back at that moment to calm and plan, restructure and moving back in in a way to then execute, best in an upscaling combo of one blow following on another, if needed at any will and any cost. Neither will you have time to react, nor will you see it come but rather you will see…absolutely nothing when a true master of stealth is at work.

Among these rare individuals, you can find what is also called the “Dark Triad”. These individuals are blessed by their genetics and a combination of the “best” traits useful to be a manipulator or a predator that also suits their gender traits, their looks, their physical appearance, and the society they grow up, while not having impulsivity or risk-taking, but rather being inside as cold as ice while analytical and less emotional as possible. You can think of it in terms of a mathematical formula or the recipe for the spices used by KFC and as it happens simply by chance and over time, that one in a 5-6 billion turns out to be of such quality as Hitler, Stalin, or Mao.

Living in the Age of Eugenics while having the capability AND modify DNA today, do you think it is possible to increase that chance in order to create more and better quality…” individuals” while decreasing the amount of quality of possible resistance against them?

How should this very special individual be and what should he or she contain to be one in a kind in quality and execution, capable of doing everything with no regards to anything, the perfect evil and the most alpha as a brutal wolf in the whitest sheep cloth?

Remember the Cluster-B? Great, let’s take it as a sandbox and create the only subspecies that meet the requirement and the only one that is actually capable, by design and the wiring of their brain they contain the most powerful joker. Within the layers of this sandbox, a Personality Disorder was added in the year 1964 as it was discovered by the well-known Erich Fromm, the malignant narcissist. Scientists as also Psychologists tend to be as objective as possible as it is their job, profession, and inner belief system to be not judgmental by any degree. But what Erich Fromm discovered, made him describe and call his discovery the “quintessence of evil”. If a pioneer and founder like Erich Fromm makes a statement like this in the rather old-fashioned 60ties, could it be for the reason that he has discovered and researched the malignant narcissist after that? While speaking many of them and always asking the question “why”, the answers he heard must have been so shocking to a degree, even for a professional like him, and out of everything he researched and concluded further only the “quintessence of evil” could match up with it.

Well, you might say, there is evil out there so what, put them in jail or the psychiatry. That is actually the catch, besides being the “quintessence of evil” you will never see them, never even think about that one is standing in front of you, it is the person you would expect the least but actually consider him/her as a bright example of light in today’s darkness. Do you know Prof. Doctor Robert Hare? He created the Psychopathy Checklist (PCL) that is still used today back in the 70ties, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychopathy_Checklist. Yes, he is the pioneer and he researched and analyzed the core of Psychopathy and set all ground for everything that should follow. He has dedicated all his life to study Psychopathy, Sociopathy, and Anti-Social-Behavior in all its forms with speaking to thousands while having every data from other scientists and researchers as well. He still does the same thing today what makes him over 50+ years of experience besides his education and all his work. He was and still is with his ongoing years in even more experience and deeper insights, the non-plus ultra.

Some years ago he admitted in an interview, that he gets once in a while, not often but still regularly and despite all his knowledge, duped by the malignant narcissist. Now, hold your breath for a moment read it again. Yes, THE Master knowing everything about manipulation and how to spot a Psychopath, gets manipulated and duped by some random popping up in his praxis once in a while – yes, random. He only finds out afterward, as he is very capable of reflection and spotting some minor details that get his attention, in the process and what is surely the work of detective on a crime scene, he finds more details until he can connect them to be of some evidence that he encountered a quintessence of evil…again. Even out of his experience of getting duped and the awareness of how he got duped in every detail did not prevent him from getting duped, again and again.

The Malignant Narcissist is not only the quintessence of evil as its driver, is the sadistic pleasure he/she receives when he/she causes and delivers any form of pain to others. He/she carefully plans, structures, calculates and executes how to deliver it and the goal is easy but simple, destroy the target while having the most fun out of it. On top of it, it exactly these individuals that are gifted to do what they want do, while rarely getting caught. They are the true masters of stealth, in a way of stealth that cannot be seen or experienced and is unknown to others and are considered the “master manipulators” at the same time. It is said by some, that Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were malignant narcissists. If this is true is not that easy to tell, especially if someone is dead what makes it harder for analysis while the awareness and research into the malignant narcissist were not given at that time. In any way, considers them as raw power in energy, capable to be the hero of the masses while being the contrary of everything at the same time. It is the weakness of our brain, called cognitive dissonance that makes it nearly impossible to “think” of the contrary at the moment that we experience the exact contrary.

To give you an example: Imagine the Pope does his jobs so well because he enjoys what he is doing, so he does his best to harvest 100% love during the day from his sheep – but he only does it for the reason to convert the 100% at night into the contrary, the while raping children to death. As the gap is at its maximum, the most love you can get and the evilest thing you can do, at the same time and in one persona. As it is the contrary of the contrary and at the same time, the energy is at a total of 200 in its amount. It flowers like a river into the ocean during the exchanges and conversation of energy and gives the pope a kick to such intensity like he had swallowed a brick of pure cocaine at once.

You need to understand that the Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and the malignant in specific, have a space that is only void inside themselves. They try to fill it and it is good while it is flowing inside, but only for the moment until it stopped. To fill the new and bigger void that popped up afterward and sucked up the moment where it was good needs to be filled with more and something more intense in the degree of energy than before. It is a never-ending cycle and it can NEVER be enough. And you dare speak up against the abuse of a malignant narcissist as they will take revenge because you don’t know “how painful it feels when you can’t enough”. Yes, nothing comes close to the pain THEY feel because they can’t get enough. So please hand over everything you own including your soul to ease the pain of these poor devils. But whatever you do, it will never be enough, and how you do it, it will never be good, no matter what and how many times you do it, they will never be satisfied.

They work similar and like a vacuum cleaner, sucking everything in that is within range and then pumping it up into a black hole inside their hearts. You need to understand that in this process it does not matter if it is a piece of paper or a diamond ring, everything that gets pumped inside this black hole has no value as you have no value in their eyes at all, only the one value in the amount you can possibly provide to in terms of the quality and variety of pain you can provide that will be converted in sadistic pleasure to make them happy and feel good about themselves during that time.

You place any item inside or do anything you want and at that moment a hearty “thank you for feeding me, you are the best ever” from them and as soon as it is sucked up, it will be forgotten like everything that they sucked up before and they will look at you and yell in pain and cry “How can you be a human-like that, I told you that I am hungry but neither have you offer me anything nor have you asked I want to eat, but rather enjoy to see my suffering while I starve to death! How dare you!” There is a need but also the pleasure in it, especially for the malignant narcissist, to get more extreme, more pervert, more sadistic, looking for the most good that can be corrupted into the contrary as it a quality source, and more morbid. Over time and they become experts in how to deliver and torcher, and how to do it undetected without any scars or evidence so the victim is not capable to prove that he/she experienced it. They are and consider themselves as Junkies, running from one excess into a bigger one, looking for “that” intense feeling they never had before in their life, bigger-better-faster, while leaving a roadway of destruction behind. How is that even possible without raising any attention?

The key is in the unique structure of their brain causing a unique and powerful anomaly, giving them the ability to play black and white at the same time. By doing so, they can plan, structure, and move 2 times and positions in a row, while placing themselves always in the positions that are inside of your cognitive dissonance. Try to outplay them is close to impossible and they try to place themselves outside of your field of view and outside your possible movements. They are aware of your position all the time while constantly telling you fake positions or switching something up, not much look in another direction for a second, but quite a lot while you take a piss.

If you are a capable and a focused observer, you will remember all the figures and positons after a while and will constantly have them in mind. At the moment they switched something you will get aware of the switching that has happened, you will mostly not know when and how, while rarely catch them while doing it. It is actually possible to reverse the switching when you can prove the positions of all figures correctly, but it can take hours until they give and admit, not that they did anything, but that somehow and out of a coincidence something magical must have happened that changed the game board and you will wonder together for the next time, how such things are even possible within the boundaries of a scientific nature. A bit of morbid humor can do wonders and without saying anything, everything can be said through casting a smile on the other face. If you want THEM to admit the truth, that it was them moving the figures or positions it can take up days of constant brute force, like attacking a server with a bot network until he breaks down.

To reach that point of breakdown is really tough and you need to be precise while objective aiming at a target that you clearly see with your eyes, while it is actually in a far distance covered by mist. You need to shoot and hit while just being sure for yourself that you hit it, there is no feedback system. If you miss one shot, you may need to start over again. Their server runs at full capacity all the time, it will not slow down or lower its defense until the point of breakdown, while you need to invest and generate the amount of energy for each shoot and it is hard to tell how many hit points are left. Their anomaly gives them the power to always be one step ahead while in the mist and perform “live” to such a degree of in multiple layers of perfection that even a Dr. Hare is unable to catch them within an hour or two of intense and highly aware conversation.

Now let me tell something about their “secret” that is actually not a secret, but few are aware of this anomaly or the cause of it, as the data to find it lies within complex clinical studies and big books, written in the 70ties and 80ties. Only if you are searching for it because you got aware of the anomaly and how the anomaly is, that you will find the cause and explanation when you read in an old, big, and dry medical book written by some pioneer and researcher back in the 70ties and 80ties, presented in a language to be understood by his fellow colleges and not the public. As far as I am aware now, the discovery was made back then as an anomaly inside the brain, but was never connected to anything in regards to the performance and output it would cause, nor that it could be the reason why they are capable to outperform and manipulate up the caliber of a Dr. Hare with ease.

First of all, I think you are aware by now that I am speaking out of a personal experience and for this reason, I have such kind of knowledge, while I was aware at the moment that I am dealing with it. This gave me the unique experience of awareness, observations, conversations, reflections and research in the whole World Wide Web to find out wtf is going on in my life at that present time… and over the 8 following month. At that present time I had the joker, for being the first one who is capable to “see” and not running away from it, but wanting to find out how that is even possible to exist while performing that outstanding. By doing so, I was granted trust and access to the core and everything was shown to me, every question answered, every door opened, inside workings described, methods and tactics of all forms of manipulations used explained in brutal honesty. Example?

Q: Why do you manipulate and lie, can you even be honest at all?

A: Yes, I could be honest.

Q: You could? Why are you not?

A: I enjoy manipulation and the fun out of it.

Q: You do it because you enjoy manipulating?

A: Yes.

Q: When do you manipulate me?

A: All the time

Q: What do you mean by all the time?

A: I manipulate you permanently

Q: How does it work?

(Myself in brackets)

Remember when I asked you 20 minutes ago and gave you the power to decide between the two options and which you prefer?

(Yes, I remember) – It was never about the two options, if you had made your decision for the other, I would still have gotten my way.

(What is your way?) You see, I always had option 3 in mind and was looking for an opportunity to reach it, while letting you decide about it and making you believe that you actually have something to say while making the decision for me. At that moment 20 minutes ago I came up with a pair that also matches in color with my hidden card. I then showed you the 2 cards and you took one while deposing the other. By doing so, you were the one that enabled me to take the card of my desire out of the stable. Your only option that would have prevented what I was executing, would have been to not answer my question at all and not taking the presumed power to make a decision, that I set up in a way to include your personal preferences inside, to also give you the impression that I really care about what you think. (Personal note: A beautiful combo for a self-trained individual at the age of 19, isn’t it?)

(How should I have figured THAT out at the moment you were asking me, in order to don’t answer your question that I assumed you asked because you care and wanted to make it right)? I got a smile in return and a “well now that I told you and you know, but I can’t help you with that in future, you need to figure that out on your own”.

(Oh by the way, what is the 3rd option?) What 3rd option?

(You were talking about that you had something in mind, not part of the narrative you presented to me?) What should that be?

(Well that was my question for you!) No, I asked you the question and you decided what you wanted.

(Yes, but you just told me that you something I did not know in that moment of diction). So you don’t want to hold your word? How can I trust you if I don’t know if you are serious about the decisions you make for the two of us?

That is only 5 minutes out of many days and months that should follow. I will stop it here but wanted to give you a sneak preview as well as an honest example out of my memory.

I will explain, in detail the workings inside the brain and the anomaly itself, but in order to do so and to make it complete, I need to dive deep and connect the dots between them. Please consider this post as an introduction as I wanted to give you an overview in regards to one topic and some insight that actually got quite long, about future postings and what will be part of my content for future content.

Just follow me or my posting and stay tuned, as it will expand into something much bigger and is interconnected with the other content I have produced and will produce in the future. If you want to support my effort and you are using the brave browser, I would kindly appreciate any amount of Tip that you are willing to share.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed this little big story and your journey in it.



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