Austin Steinbart is a 29 year old off book agent for the Defense Intelligence Agency from Chandler Arizona. He is running a live military intelligence operation called: QAnon. He is the individual behind what the world has come to know as “Q”. Austin was ordered by the DIA and Q+ to reveal himself to the public and bring the operation completely into the mainstream spotlight.


What is QAnon?:



The below are direct quotes by Austin Steinbart.


Quote #37: Wikileaks is 100% authentic


“Using methods like this one [methods described by Austin in his Wikileaks video], we can say that everything in WikiLeaks is 100% indisputably authentic, which is why it’s so perplexed to me that more people, especially my Republican amigos, don’t use this as more of a resource.


“People act like everything in WikiLeaks has been already talked about, but the reality is that we, the general public, have barely scratched the surface of what’s actually in there.”


“There’s all sorts of jaw-dropping revelations about almost every government on Earth.”


“I encourage you to take a look for yourself.”


Quote #38: Avoiding “James Bond Syndrome”


“So what’s the deal with the resignations? Weren’t a bunch of people supposed to be arrested and indicted already?”


“Well, yes and no. Many of them have already happened. And many are yet to come.”


“One thing we have to keep in mind when going after bad guys is collateral damage. We have to avoid something that I call “James Bond Syndrome” – the tendency to accept unjustifiably high levels of collateral damage or civilian casualties from leaders whose plights people are emotionally bought into – like in almost every single James Bond movie how the mission ends up spilling out into the open and causing significant collateral damage.”


Quote #39: How resignations tie into QAnon


“So here’s how that ties into QAnon: Resignations from huge corporate titans can’t just rain down like fire from heaven, unfortunately.

They need to be handled in a very careful way.”


“The reason for this is because we don’t want to cause any collateral damage to the shareholders, many of whom are middle-class pensioners who will suffer greatly if the stock tanks, right, because we want bad guys gone but we don’t want innocent people harmed in the process.”


“That’s why many of the people that have been forced out so far have been forced out under the cover of the MeToo movement, like with Intel.”


Quote #40: Intel CEO caught red handed


“Intel is one of our country’s most important companies. They make most of our processors – the chips that function as the brain of computers and servers.”


“But Intel, like almost every other corporate titan out there, has one catastrophic shortcoming when it comes to security. They outsource to a third party diagnose and repair service when they have IT issues. And that third-party service turns straight around and out sources to a local subcontractor like me through one of several mobile phone apps that function effectively like an Uber for IT guys – apps that are super easy to hack in my favor so that I can essentially walk straight in the front door of wherever I’m trying to get into on a given day.”


“So the case of Intel back in 2018, when I suspected a certain CEO [Brian Krzanich] of being criminally negligent with intellectual property vital to our national security, as indicated by these signs all over the place, I was able to get myself in and collect all the evidence I needed.”


“Like in this case, where I used a POS system outage in the cafeteria to gain access to CH-2 on the Chandler campus and snap a picture of these Chinese spies stealing chip schematics in plain sight.”


Quote #41: Journalists fear Q


“Did you guys see all those smear articles written about the QAnon movement yesterday [and pretty much everyday]? Seems like the media might be panicking, huh?”


“Now, why would that be?”


“It’s because they are finally realizing that we are not the kooky little scrubs they have been reporting us to be, that we are rational, smart and articulate, that we don’t shoo people that we disagree with. We verbally engage with them even if they insult us in the process.”


“And they are seeing Patriots of all persuasions unite around the common desire for an abrupt end to the decades of wanton corruption and sadistic abuse by our government.”


Quote #42: UFOs


“So today I decided to get real weird with you guys. We’re going to be talking about some spooky new Space Force stuff, specifically some fun little future weapons commonly referred to as “UFOs”.”


“But long story short, the US Navy released footage last year of a real paranormal encounter some fighter pilots had with a real UFO.”


“It made headlines in almost every major news outlet worldwide from BBC to CNN, but most people never even heard about it because our news was too busy telling us about how Orange-Man Bad to focus on UFOs for longer than a day.”


“Amazing how the US Navy can literally release footage and official statements about these things yet no one in our kangaroo media cares for more than a day.”


“They can even establish official military guidelines and hold official briefings in Congress, but no matter what happens, 24 hours later our kangaroo media will go straight back to talking about how Orange-Man Bad.”


Quote #43: Time is controlled by gravity


“The first thing you need to know is that time is not linear or constant like many of us were raised to believe that it is.”


“Time is actually a dynamic force controlled by gravity, meaning that on planets bigger than ours, time moves slower because the planet has more mass and, therefore, more gravity and, therefore, that gravity grabs time firmer and slows it down more. So they experience time at a slower rate.”


“Like if we went to a planet twice as big as the Earth, the time there would move half as fast, meaning that one day there would equal two days here on Earth.”


“The technical term for this is “time dilation”.”


Quote #44: UFOs are humans from the future


“So how is that [time dilation] relevant to UFOs?


“Well, I’ll tell you how. It’s because those UFOs are not in fact UFOs at all. They are time machines. And they aren’t made by aliens. They’re made by humans in the future – the very near future.”


“That’s why the military has been ordered to ignore them since the 50s, because they didn’t want to cause an adverse “butterfly effect”.”


Quote #45: UFOs are impossible w/o warping time


“The way you could tell they’re [UFOs] time machines without just taking my word for it is with physics equations.”


“If we look at the empirical data provided by the Navy about the UFOs aerial maneuvers, we could use physics equations to easily deduce that they would not be possible without a time machine.”


“The reason is G forces – fighter pilots and astronauts are generally trained to withstand up to nine G’s, or nine times the normal pull of gravity – anything much more than that would cause their body to be crushed and eventually kill them, which is why we could be so certain that that UFO in those videos is actually a time machine: because no living or artificial thing could survive the aerial maneuvers that UFO was performing without being crushed by the G-forces that it would create – unless they were warping time.”


Quote #46 – Austin’s message to lefty women


“Please understand that the disgust you feel towards Donald Trump would be 100% warranted if those accusations were actually true. But they aren’t, and we know that because we have proof – indisputably authentic emails proving how those women were actually paid money to accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault by proxies of the Clinton campaign.”


“Paying people to accuse opponents of wrong-doing is a very common political dirty trick in Washington. It’s called “running a Swift Boat Project”.”


Quote #47 – Dirty Clinton campaign tricks


“So this is the main thing I’d like the women of the left to understand, that Trump supporters would not support him if they genuinely believed he was a sexual predator, that those women falsely accused him of this as part of a coordinated propaganda campaign designed to prey on your good nature and upset you so much that you would dismiss all future Trump supporters you encountered outright so that you wouldn’t see her emails that we were trying to show you at the time – emails proving that she is just as corrupt and evil as George Bush and John McCain, emails showing how the Clinton campaign actually did everything it could to help Trump win the primary because they thought that he would be the easiest to beat, and emails proving how she wanted to send tens of thousands of troops into another disastrous war in the Middle East. Very bad stuff.”


Quote #48 – Black Ops 101


“In this episode, I’ll be explaining:”


“How the CIA uses terrorists and criminals as assassins.”


“How they fund black ops almost exclusively with heroin and human trafficking.”


“How John McCain was the secret kingpin.”


“How the corrupt news media has always turned a blind eye.”


“How CIA black ops enabled a bunch of worthless European royals to conquer the United States.”


Quote #49 – Assassins


“Assassins have shaped much of world history from ancient times to modern politics.”


“They’ve been used to provoke wars, stage coups, derail competitors and suppress or steal scientific innovations. Whether they care to admit it or not, every leader of every country has assassins they can call if they need to. But no one has more assassins than the CIA and MI6.”


Quote #50 – Freemasonry – cover for assassins


“The first thing any assassin needs to be successful is a good cover or a good disguise. Freemasonry is one of the oldest forms of cover for assassins.”


“Back in the day, cities were much smaller and nobody except rich people and royals really traveled, meaning it was really hard to go somewhere new without being immediately noticed and talked about by everyone. So in order to get access for foreign targets, it was easiest to use Freemasons as cover – expert stone mason subcontractors who traveled together wherever their building skills

were needed at any given time.”


“While Freemasons still exist, and some of their symbols are still used as signals by British and American intelligence services, they are rarely used as actual cover any more.”


Quote #51 American assassins in the past century


“For most of the past century, American assassins used diplomats, aid organizations and religious missions as cover. That’s why the CIA is organized under the State Department. University professors, multinational corporations and touring musicians have also been used as cover for intelligence operatives throughout our nation’s history.”


“But the advent of smartphones, social media, HD video surveillance and AI, these covers have become nearly impossible to pull off. That’s why intel agencies have shifted to indirect assassination methods like using terrorists, gangs, mass shooters and “Acts of God”.”


Quote #52: – Indirect assassinations


“Indirect assassination methods have been around for a long time but they were usually only used in sensitive cases, like anarchists who provoked World War I by killing Archduke Ferdinand and the “iceberg” that took down the Titanic, killing several business moguls that were impeding the establishment of the corrupt Federal Reserve.”


“Some examples of indirect assassinations would be the Saudi terrorists on 9/11, the sabotaged Boeing planes that crashed in Ethiopia and Indonesia, the Las Vegas concert shooter at Mandalay Bay and the MS-13 narco children that shot Seth Rich.”


“All are examples of the meticulously planned intelligence ops, not just random tragic events they are officially described to be.”

Quote #53: – Five Eyes


“Many people refer to those tragedies as “inside jobs”, which is technically false because the CIA is technically forbidden from conducting operations on American soil.”


“So they launder their criminality by outsourcing the operations conducted here to foreign intel services like MI6 – foreign intel services that have diplomatic immunity so they legally can’t be prosecuted no matter what they do as well as unrestrained warrantless access to all of our calls, emails, text messages and location data through an incredibly shady intelligence-sharing agreement we have with them called “Five Eyes”.”


Quote #54: – CIA and MI6 fix their “problems”


“Since 1947, MI6 and the CIA have scratched each other’s backs by using these outrageous legal loopholes to tee off on each other’s “problematic” domestic political opponents. “Problematic” American leaders like President John F. Kennedy, Attorney General Bobby Kennedy and civil rights leaders Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr., and “problematic” Anglosphere leaders like Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt and British MP Jo Cox, to name just a few.”


Quote #55 – Funding – Opium


“Throughout history, opium, aka heroin, has been a key funding source of clandestine operations, especially European history. Over the past few hundred years, House Wettin, the medieval royal bloodline that secretly controls the world, has used opium and human trafficking to finance their brutal imperial endeavors.”


“Their use of opium as a weapon of war goes back to the days of the pirates in the Caribbean when there was an intense rivalry going between Britain and Spain for dominance of the Americas.”


Quote #56 – Privateering


“In the 1500s, the original Queen Elizabeth was feeling left behind, so she authorized a practice called “privateering”, which essentially is a legal version of piracy where she would use pirate mercenaries to attack and plunder Spanish treasure ships carrying gold back from the Americas.”


“During this time, British operatives pioneered many of the clandestine tactics and networks they ultimately used to become the preeminent superpower they became in the 1800s – tactics using such as opium, aka heroin, and human trafficking to fund pirate colonies throughout the Caribbean to keep the money flowing when there weren’t Spanish ships to attack.”


Quote #57 – Marine Intelligence Unit 666


“The name “MI6” comes from this time period. It’s short for “Marine Intelligence Unit 666”, which at the time was a cheeky Satanism reference clowning on the Spanish conquistador’s pretense of brutally colonizing America so they could bring the Native peoples to God.”


“The British had a mantra of “Pioneers take the arrows; settlers take the land”. So they would often let other imperial powers go places first and bare the tremendous upfront costs of building colonial outposts before sending their spies and assassins to hijack them by force.”


“Later on, after they defeated the Spanish Armada, the British reorganized their savage horde of pirates into the East India Company, which they then used as the primary vehicle of their ruthless imperialism for the next several hundred years.”


“At its peak, the British East India Company had a private army of about 260,000 men, roughly twice the size of the British Army, and they dominated opium and slave trafficking worldwide.”


Quote #58 – A staple of British power


“Heroin dealing is such a a staple of British power that they use a poppy pin instead of a yellow ribbon to honor their dead soldier.”


“Poppies are the flowers that heroin is derived from.”


“The British royals claim that the poppy was adopted after World War I because it symbolized the flowers that grew in the fields after the battles took place. But it’s really because they used heroin financed anarchist-assassins to incite a vast war, seize territories in the Middle East and consolidate vast power over Europe, Africa and the rest of the world – power they would use to set the stage for another major world war that would give them the opportunity to conquer back their ultimate prize, the United States of America.”


Quote #59 – Precursor to the CIA


“As World War II was breaking out, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a slimy robber baron heir whose grandfather made his fortune smuggling heroin to China, allowed British intelligence to come over and essentially build the precursor to the CIA called OSS from the ground up teaching Americans all the gangsterific spy agency tactics they had developed over the centuries.”


“From that point on, British and American intel ops became deeply intertwined, especially when it came to controlling organized crime and using it to finance covert operations. The idea was sold to American leaders on the pretense that drug-dealing and prostitution was going to happen either way, so they might as well control it and use the money that it generates for their ops.”


Quote #60 – A pipe dream


“But that always was a pipe dream and what REALLY ended up happening was the United States getting corrupted from within and dragged into endless foreign wars – wars that are ultimately used to enact the medieval imperial agenda of the British empire and to facilitate more heroin cultivation like in Vietnam and Afghanistan.”


“Ever thought about how weird it is that Afghanistan is currently growing three times as much heroin as it was when we invaded in 2001?”


Quote #61 – Human trafficking


“But as I mentioned earlier, drug dealing isn’t the only funding source for our intelligence operations. Human trafficking is too. Human trafficking is another ancient industry controlled by intelligence services. And it is even more sadistic than the heroin gang.”


“If you’ve ever seen the movie “Taken”, that sort of a situation where the girl is being sold off at an auction is VERY REAL and happens much more often than you think. Another good depiction is the Avicii music video, “For a Better Day”.”


“If you ever wonder why Avicii was suicided, look no further than that video he made.”


Quote #62 – Jeffrey Epstein


“And they don’t just use sex trafficking to raise money. They also use it to exercise power. If you’ve ever seen the movie “Red Sparrow” with Jennifer Lawrence, you’ll see a depiction of what’s called a “honey pot” or a special type of spy operation that lures powerful men into compromising sexual activities and then uses the pictures from that activity to blackmail them.”


“British and American spy agencies frequently use this method to exercise control over billionaires who aren’t afraid of politicians. That’s why they created Jeffrey Epstein and “Sex Island” to use as a mega honey pot.”


“That’s why Robert Mueller stepped in and got him off with a slap on the wrist when Acosta tried to prosecute him in Florida, because as the documents clearly state, “Epstein belongs to intelligence”. Pretty crazy, right? And they let most of the other small-time traffickers run wild too.”


Quote #63 – Austin has witnessed human trafficking


“I witnessed this first hand doing overnight IT work for hotel chains like Hilton, Marriott, Embassy Suites, Hamilton Inn and La Quinta – how young girls would go into a room early in the evening and have different men coming and going every hour almost all night long, and how major hotel chains and local police brazenly look the other way as child sex trafficking is happening right under their noses.”


“When I brought it up with one of the governor’s top officials, how people in power turned a blind eye to corruption, he shrugged and said, “Everyone does that – Republicans and Democrats”.”


“And he’s not wrong, unfortunately.”


Quote #64 – The infamous “Backpage” website


“That ridiculous attitude is why the website “Backpage” was created and launched in Arizona.”


“Backpage was essentially a giant Craig’s List for prostitutes that operated on a worldwide scale. Backpage turbo charged our human trafficking problem enriching criminal gangs and their CIA overlords in the process. It made pimping so easy that their only problem was what to do with all that money they were making.”


“Which brings to me to why I originally discovered the CIA’s gangbanging racket – through its money laundering ops here in Arizona, several of whom were my customers, businesses I sold point-of-sales systems to.”




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