Subject of the day : Organic Portals

Awakening is brutal, knowledge accumulates and connects with each other: children of the new generation (indigo / crystal / rainbow), spirituality, entities, attacks, extra-terrestrial life, shadow government , etc …

I don’t realize (not at first, at least) that in my awakening and reconnecting to who I am, I am dragging some of my loved ones with me.

And then I realize that these same relatives are experiencing more and more problems at their work, in relations with colleagues in particular: manipulation, harassment, verbal violence, lies …

And then, yesterday, conversation with a friend. We talk, we talk. And then BIM, the connection is made.

During my bulimia of so-called alternative knowledge via youtube videos, I came across a certain David Icke (I invite you to document yourself on him), who speaks of a very particular phenomenon, about which I invite you to learn more: the “organic portals”. Késako you will tell me. Normal.

When you start to take an interest in so-called alternative or conspiratorial information, especially in the spiritual side, you learn a few concepts that risk destabilizing Tata Andrée at Christmas dinner (joke). Therefore, I cannot do the job for you, and strongly encourage you to do your own research. I don’t want to give you a fully cooked, pre-chewed job. Does the subject tickle you? So find out for yourselves. Ah yes, and don’t forget to take your free will under the elbow! It can help …

So organic portals. David Icke gives a very simple definition of it: it is about people disconnected from their divine connection (in other words, they are disconnected from their soul, yes my darlings we have a soul!). He describes them as people who are quite capable of being pleasant, with whom we can have fun, have a drink… Their faces are revealed when the system in place is threatened. When I say system, I’m talking about the system in the organizational sense of the word: government / finance and whatnot, but also the thought system.

And that’s where the revelation came to me: I felt that narcissistic pervert and organic portals, well, it was THE SAME THING. Ouch, awareness hurts! This is not a realization that I explain to myself or even about which I can argue with evidence, studies and numerous testimonials to support it. No. I am writing this article with the fear of talking nonsense, but the belief that this article (in this light we will say “unpublished”) could help some of them pushes me to persevere and overcome my fears. My feelings are my only guide as I write these lines.

When I think about it for two seconds, I think the two expressions are meant to describe pretty much the same thing. Each term belongs to a particular focus from the discipline to which it corresponds, and therefore does not describe the phenomenon in its entirety (hence the interest in having different insights), but in the mechanisms underlying the phenomenon. functioning of narcissistic perverts / organic portals, here we are. It “matches” as our English friends would say.

What is a narcissistic pervert? (Forgive me if I forget certain characteristics, for a robot portrait of these birds, I urge you (yes, again!) To read Marie-France Hirigoyen’s book, Le harassment moral).

A narcissistic pervert is someone without any empathy who, in order to “fill themselves” (for these are empty shells), target high energy / worthy people to vampirize them, often for years. On the program, systematic devaluation, isolation of the “prey”, manipulation, harassment. As the friend I quoted above rightly illustrated, it is the Chinese torture of gout on the forehead: a little bit at a time, for a very long time. This is the perfect crime: it goes unnoticed by loved ones, and the victim is convinced that it is she who has the problem.

As soon as the victim, this fly stuck in the web, pretends to struggle, it is the tragedy: the executioner-spider redoubles his intelligence, his violence. It takes it a step above.

Very often they are very popular people. You know, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. In public, you have the right to Dr Jekyll: charming, humorous, ready to help, intelligent, with wit … It is in the privacy that the narcissistic pervert reveals his real face, that of Mr Hyde: devious, manipulative, cold, brittle, distant.

You’re gonna tell me, yeah that’s all well and good, but what’s that got to do with organic portals?

Going back to David Icke’s definition, organic portals are people, seen from the outside, very likeable. It is when the “system” (whatever it is) is threatened that their true face appears.

Okay, I think the connection is made right?

I’m not saying all organic portals are narcissistic perverts. However, I can’t help but make the connection between the two definitions, each shedding light that I find complements the other.

But there is something else, something that I did not find in the definition of the narcissistic pervert or that of the organic portal. Something that I figured out last night that I hope with all my heart will help some of you. The connection was made “like this” (neuro-right-handed people will understand).

What I understood is that narcissistic perverts / organic portals are in fact SLEEPING AGENTS. Earlier, I said that narcissistic perverts target very specific people. People carrying energies and / or high values. Bright people, so bright that they do not think badly or be suspicious. People so bright that the empty shell of the narcissistic pervert / organic portal cannot help but do everything to vampirize that person. A person so bright that the narcissistic / organic portal pervert is sure to have a storehouse of energy for quite a while.

When I use the term SLEEPING AGENT, that is … that is really it. As if the organic / perverse narcissistic portal was PLACED alongside the luminous soul. The characteristic of an agent is to be undercover, to be incognito in the eyes of those he is charged with muzzling.

Placed alongside a luminous person but not awakened to his nature (and who says non-awakening means absence of consciousness, which leaves the field open to abuse), the narcissistic pervert / organic portal is in fact the guarantor of his NO -AWAKENING. I insist on this term. It’s Agent Smith who watches and muzzles Neo (if you don’t know what that phrase refers to, you’ve missed THE movie of all time, MATRIX. Correct that insult immediately).

More and more around me, I see / feel indigos / starseeds / lightworkers, and often, when we share our respective life paths, I find the same pattern: an organic / narcissistic perverse portal that has deployed a mad energy and intelligence (which I would qualify as prodigious if the design was not so “dark”) to stifle any attempt to awaken the luminous person. As long as the luminous person remains calm, in the framework which is granted to him, “all is well” (to be qualified, of course!). It is only when there is assertion of its own nature, assertiveness, refusal to deny itself or its moral values, that the organic / perverse narcissistic portal takes action.

He uses his high intelligence to do this (because yes, he’s smart, which makes him all the more formidable). In addition to his intelligence, the narcissistic pervert has an instinct, a bloodhound instinct, which can confuse those of us who have equated intuition with connecting with our soul. It may seem difficult to understand / admit / accept that a person disconnected from their soul can have intuitive knowledge. It is, however. The narcissistic pervert / organic portal senses with formidable precision who he is dealing with. Marie-France Hirigoyen describes it very well in her book: a narcissistic pervert will never measure himself against another narcissistic pervert. Like two poles of a magnet, they repel each other. No, the narcissistic pervert / organic portal is going to sniff and flush out its exact opposite. I would also like to pick up on this, because I had an awareness on the subject.

I meet a lot of indigos / starseeds / lightworkers who have rubbed shoulders with a narcissistic organic / perverse portal, as I said above. What I notice in many others is a devaluation of themselves, a mechanism used by the narcissistic pervert and which the victims have internalized. Tell yourself one thing: the narcissistic pervert / organic portal is only going to seek out its exact opposite, its exact reflection. The more powerful the narcissistic pervert / organic portal is on the “negative” side, the more it will mean that you are too, on the other side of the Force so to speak, so on the “positive” side. Do you doubt yourself, your worth? Remember this simple thing, it will help you.

Which brings me to a parallel between Batman and the Joker.

The next paragraph is for those of you who have seen The Dark Knight from Christopher Nolan’s Trilogy, where Batman faces off against the Joker. In this film, the ambition of the Joker (Evil) is not to earn money (he burns his rightful pyramid of banknotes) or to be famous (he wears a mask, puts on makeup). No, his ambition is to bring the Light to join him in the Shadows, which he succeeds with the prosecutor of Harvey Dent, whom everyone nicknames “the White Knight of Gotham” (and what explains very good Alfred when he recounts his trip with the thief of precious stones, I let you watch this passage from the film). There is one passage that stood out to me, the one where the Joker pokes his head through the window of the police car he stole, with a posture that is close to a form of ecstasy.

This is what the narcissistic / organic portal pervert does: he causes the Light to go out (while managing to convince it that it is his own doing and not the fruit of an external psychological pounding) and enjoys, fills with what it causes. It’s his food.

Also, the characteristic to remember is that the narcissistic / organic portal pervert will play on your weaknesses, but not all of them. He will only press the buttons that he uses, or that he will use later.

It will also not attack what is acquired for you, what you feel at ease and in accordance with your conscience. No, the narcissistic pervert / organic portal is going to attack you for what you doubt, what you are not totally at peace with yourselves about.

To give you an example, it’s like someone is hugely supporting me that my eyes are brown when they’re blue. They are blue, and I’m sure of it because I see them every morning in the mirror. In the face of such an attack, I would be serene, because I am totally sure of what I am saying. On the other hand, if someone attacked me on a fear that I carry within me (cycling for example), then I would be destabilized, and easily tempted to fall into the emotional.

On top of that, the genius of the ploy is that these doubts I told you about above are not “surface” doubts. No, these are doubts, deep doubts about yourself and how you function, your personality, what you carry within you, doubts that you often carry around since childhood. Hey yes, because what the narcissistic pervert / organic portal makes us doubt is directly related to what we are (when I say we, I am referring to parents, parental figures, circle of friends, society, the or spouses, etc.) makes us feel guilty since our birth: WHAT WE ARE. The perfect crime I tell you!

This is what makes the exercise of discernment so difficult: if you don’t know how these predators work, but you don’t know how YOU work, it’s like leaving the door wide open. . The predator’s number one weapon is DOUBT. The opposite of doubt is not knowledge, but CONSCIOUSNESS. Awareness of who you are.

In the case of highly empathetic people, one of the narcissistic pervert / organic portal tactics may be to arouse emotion. In different forms (for example, pretending to be vulnerable, which will trigger your compassion and immediately elicit your support, leaving a loophole to distill false light). The objective is to make you enter into REACTION, without having previously centered yourself: suddenly, you are in the emotional, which will lead to two possible things (non-exhaustive list), desired by the narcissistic pervert / organic portal:

Either you will, under the influence of emotion, put your discernment at the door and lose yourself Either you will, under the influence of emotion, make it your own fault, which will allow this very particular type of predator to justify its approach and discredit you. It’s not about falling into fear. It is not about falling into positive thinking devoid of all lucidity either. It’s about being AWARE. Realizing that as a luminous being you are likely to be the target of attacks in various forms, rubbing shoulders with a narcissistic pervert / organic portal without realizing it being just one of many.

The function of the organic / narcissistic pervert portals will be to deactivate you, to disconnect you from your true nature.

It’s as I look out the window that the conclusion of this article comes to me: the awareness of WHO WE ARE is our greatest weapon, for it dispels doubt as the wind dispels mist. Awareness of who we are is the most beautiful, the most secure and the most fulfilling investment one can make.

A few weeks ago, I came across a sign on my Facebook feed, with a beautiful phrase:

“What you seek is seeking you” “What you seek is seeking you”

The function of organic / narcissistic pervert portals is to prevent you from seeking and finding who you are. The question is: are you going to let them?

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