Probably the wrong place to post this, but I feel like everyone needs to know the character of Ted Cruz. I am ready for the downvotes or whatever comes with this post. I made a promise to comment on every post I come across with Ted Cruz to try and show his utter hypocrisy. that being said..

Anyone who supports Ted Cruz, has a moral deficiency that they need to address, but likely never will. Same with Josh Hawley, but since he isn’t my state senator I am not going to address his shittyness here, and hope someone from Missouri can make a post similar to the following.


I’m going to come out and say the obvious…

If Jesus was alive today, the Republican Party would be trying to either discredit him, call him a stupid leftist, gaslight the shit out of him, or outright kill him because he would be against their apparent greed and they literally they cherry-picked the parts of the Bible they liked, and ignored the rest.

As u/fiddleronthepotato stated “Jesus was middle-eastern, Jewish, and advocated for treating the least fortunate the same as you’d treat any other. Of course the right would hate him. It blows my mind to even think about.”

With that out of the way, I have a message.

WOAH… is that Rafael Edward Cruz? AKA Ted Cruz? The same Ted Cruz who on 9/11/2017 liked a step mom pornhub video and shared it to his Twitter, then shamelessly blamed it on a staffer? THAT Ted Cruz?

And then Pornhub went and made the video free and called it ‘Ted Cruz did nothing wrong!’? (NSFW if you google it obviously, I won’t link it here)

Or is it the guy whose wife was insulted by the twice impeached former President, specifically calling her ugly, or when the twice impeached former President also accused Ted Cruz’s dad of killing JFK? Or when he accused Ted Cruz of having mental issues, or when he said Ted Cruz was a pathological liar, and his response to all of those insults was to double down and kiss his ass in a feeble attempt to appease the MAGA base?

Or is he the guy who even after a pro Trump mob assaulted our Capitol, still got up and claimed the same day (with no proof) that a DIFFERENT STATE was running their election against his own wishes, in a clear attempt at disenfranchising millions of people by invalidating their votes? And he supported the insurrectionists? I thought republicans were all about states rights? So why was Ted Cruz trying to interfere with another states fairly run election?

Clip of Capitol Hill terrorists saying “I think Cruz would want us to do this. I think we are good” at the end of the video

Or is Rafael Edward Cruz the same person who mocked Robert “Beto” O’Rourke in 2018 for using a nickname when the same man calls himself Ted?

Could he be the same Ted Cruz who ate a booger (or a tonsil stone which is arguably even more disgusting) on live TV??

The same Ted Cruz who with Texas governor Gregg Abbott tried ban sex toys from being sold in the state of Texas!? While allowing anyone, except felons, to own as many guns as they want!!

THE SAME PERSON who (most likely disingenuously to appeal to a certain type of person) thought the Paris Climate Accords were meant to help out only the people of Paris, France?! (Someone should ask him his thoughts on the Geneva Convention)

Is that the Humanoid ‘Ted Cruz’ that was referenced in the post?

Ted Cruz visited all 99 counties in Iowa, but won’t take Texans’ calls — don’t believe it? Give it a try: 202-224-5922 and 713-718-3057.

Even Lindsey Graham joked about killing Ted Cruz on the Senate Floor.

We are like, going to totally release the Megaladon, and it will show that Ted Cruz, is in fact, an illegal alien who renounced his Canadian citizenship in order to run for the Presidency of the United states.

Believe me folks, all the best people have told me, I do not need to show you any evidence, just trust me, as no one knows more about anything than me.

(last link is a reference to Trump, using his own words)



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