For anyone that’s been following the topic of UFO disclosure, the last few years have seen more official statements regarding the topic that range from an acknowledgement of a multi governmental cover up (via backchannel communication lines) to acknowledgement that we are not alone. Pentagon officials Chris Mellon and Luis Elizondo are at the forefront of this disclosure effort and Elizondo has made some notable statements recently in a series of podcast outreaches to the general public which are listed below.

TLDR: The UFOs aren’t ours, we have their crafts, at times the past present and future overlap and there isn’t always an even transition between them, there are other species that have been present here that experience reality in a fundamentally different way than we do and there is an interdimensional component to this, human consciousness isn’t confined to the body and the body is just a life support system that carries the consciousness for a set amount of time, Elizondo has handlers that ensure the information he gives out stays within certain parameters.

That UFO Podcast (2/1/2021):

Lue states he’s doing these podcasts because there’s a media blitz he’s involved with and this is part of phase 2 to reach everybody. They just need us having the conversation and it’s happening.

  1. He’s working on a new project with the Lakota tribe and references their oral history being consistent with what we are witnessing today.

  2. senior govt officials are making fake accounts to monitor the public discourse on ufo twitter

  3. he keeps alluding it to being an intelligence operation with phases and they’re moving onto phase 2 the international cooperation phase

  4. in reference to Chris Mellon saying “it’s not foreign or ours”, Lue agrees to this and says basically you can’t give people the information all at the same time because they will choke on it. He said it’s been here for awhile it’s not ours and we have to exercise caution with giving out the information to the public.

  5. he said we may be led to some surprisingly simple answers

  6. The interviewer brought up Lue’s quote on “what if it wasn’t mankind but it’s mankinds”. Lue struggles to answer this. He says we live in a 3D world where time is a function of the fourth dimension where time is a linear process. Space and time are joint. Spacetime is flexible. He says the linear universe we experience isn’t actually linear. He gives the example of an electron: initially we are taught it revolves around the atom, now we know about the electron cloud where it’s both present and not present in the same area at any given time. The present is a moment in spacetime where the future is transitioning into the past. He uses a cigarette as an example: the future is the unburned part and the burnt part is the past. The burning area is the present. That’s how we experience it, the infinitesimally small burning area. WHAT IF there are things that can experience a larger part of the present than we can. What if there’s a SPECIES OUT THERE that can experience the universe with an extra level of dimension. Meaning more elements of the future and past are experienced in the present. He gives the example of him being there having the ability to have that same conversation he’s presently having 5 minutes before then or 5 minutes after it. He alludes to the possibility of these UAP not being experienced/seen by us because we aren’t intersecting with their dimension at particular points in time.

  7. he says with the example of the cigarette burning there’s an uneven burn, and this translates to our past present and future intersecting and overlapping unevenly at points.

  8. mankinds: the possibilities are limitless, every time we put a limitation on nature it displays there aren’t limits.

  9. we need to be cautious how we define life. He says life ‘out there’ might be fairly abundant.

  10. when the interviewer asks lue a few questions at the end, he asks, “is it mankind or mankinds”, lue turns the question back at the interviewer who states “Mankinds plural”, lue says he would go with Mankinds also. This is Elizondo explicitly stating yet again there are other humans out there, and this goes exactly with what Bigelow recently stated in a George Knapp interview that he believes there are ETs, hybrids, and others that look like humans that are right here walking among us. This dovetails also with a Russian general stating the same thing to a reporter live on video (referenced below)

He states disclosure is a process and we are in the middle of this right now. It’s the recognition that the earth isn’t the center of the solar system and we are in the throes of realizing this fact (humans aren’t alone) There’s a lot of opportunity with this

Astronaut states aliens may be here:

Russian prime minister Dmitriy Medvedev states aliens walk among us:

Fade to Black Radio (2/2/2021):

Lue: “I’ve seen data indicating uap interfere with uap strike capability both defense and offense In Russia it’s brought the nuclear capabilities online and here it’s turned them offline.

Interviewer says it’s the most important statement in human history when Eric Davis briefed the Senate saying we have flying saucers. Interviewer asks Lue if it’s true and Lue says it’s true “Eric Davis doesn’ lie” and then eventually says it’s basically true.

2:08:20 interviewer asks “have you ever seen a ufo” Lue said he saw a lot of them because it was his job. Interviewer asks if he’s seen one ‘out’ as a private citizen (while he was out in public not on government time) and he said he will answer it next time. He says he wants to present the information in a neutral manner with no personal bias or experiences introduced, just the facts. (Basically he’s saying he saw UFOs while at work, meaning the government is in possession of multiple full UFOs or has many photos/videos of them.)

Elizondo says the UAP can go 13,000 mph in our atmosphere.

Elizondo describes ancient Roman battlefield observations of UFOs that looked like flaming shields that followed the soldiers from battlefield to battlefield.

The same observables we observe now are all there in accounts of UAPs from the middle ages, Roman times, pre recorded history of the indigenous people.

2:15:23 Interviewer: “is the tic tac not of this Earth”? Lue responds: “Is the tic tac us or foreign adversary technology the answer is no. Is it from this Earth we don’t know. We don’t know if they’re from outer space inner space or in between. There’s a whole reality around us that we don’t interact with and we are only now starting to explore quantum states. All these realities are part of the natural environment which we just don’t perceive. We are very limited as a species in 3 dimensional space with time as an aspect of the fourth dimension expressed in a linear fashion for us. That’s not to say there’s not other things all around us. We can only experience the universe through 5 senses, yet we know that we can only perceive 1% of 1% of the universe that’s around us. Most of the universe remains completely invisible to us, I don’t mean the universe out there, I mean the universe right here (our personal surroundings). We know less than 5% about our deepest oceans we don’t have an understanding of what lives on our own planet let alone anywhere else. It’s foolhardy for us to say definitively “the buck stops with us, if we can’t see it then it doesn’t exist”, it’s clearly not true”.

Lue: We look at the world through a very narrow electromagnetic spectrum and that’s just a sliver of what’s really out there.

We look at everything in terms of on or off and the universe doesn’t work in that way.

2:21 he insinuates there is backchannel communications between countries regarding UAPs. He then states that he hopes this topic forces enemy governments to become friends to work together to discuss this topic and work together.

2:25 the ships and submarines have nuclear technology which is what the UAP are interested in and they are conducting surveillance on our nuclear capabilities.

2:26 the uap are 100% not ours and absolutely not a test of our own technology on our carrier groups and anyone who says that doesn’t know how the government works

2:29 interviewer asks him what he’s working on, and he says a permanent solution because UAPs are a persistent problem. A persistent capability is needed to address a persistent problem. He and Chris Mellon are part of a long term effort and TTSA has its own separate mission.

2:32 he maintains his DoD contacts and this effort is about helping the government do the job it’s supposed to do and it’s a coordinated effort.

2:35 the interviewer basically asks him if he has a government handler. Lue says they contact him frequently “I get texts all the time” regarding keeping within certain parameters with what he’s saying from “the man” aka the government. Lue is basically saying he has a government handler.

Project Unity (2/3/2021):

33:50 – interviewer asks “have you been warned by the govt to not discuss specific things” 33:14 – 34:30 lue basically says yes he has been warned by government affiliates (handlers) and he has to report regularly to security advisors.

38:50 – 40 : if people are abducted, that’s kidnapping. We shouldn’t be trusting of another external advanced species. We need to approach this cautiously.

He doesn’t think these are “necessarily a threat”

41:33- interviewer asks “is a tic tac with it’s surrounding field able to be susceptible to weapons- the theory is that if the warp field around the uap is strong enough it could create a white hole artificial event horizon that prevents anything from penetrating. This means more advanced weapons being developed are already ineffective against them. Does it mean we need to develop more advanced technology against the threats presented by the operators of UAPs.”… Elizondo says if that’s out there then it does present a threat especially if other countries get that technology

45- interviewer says there were practicing members of the occult that started NASA from the American side and from the Nazis during Operation Paperclip where the Nazis were brought over.

46:50- elizondo states there were always organizations and groups that influenced our country like the Freemasons and that wasn’t a bad thing. The Freemasons aren’t a bad force. There’s a long deep rich history of all countries being influenced by outside groups that have specific agendas. It’s not just NASA it’s other institutions even the military there’s symbolism in everything we have from the dollar bill to the flag.

51:58- Elizondo: the body itself doesn’t define who we are as human beings. It’s a life support mechanism for what’s inside like a space ship. If you look at each brain, the brain has a lot of commonalities. That doesn’t define what each human being is. There’s another aspect, a soul, that is an indelible part of a human being that isn’t contained within the body or the mind. Human consciousness is a quantum process and it could very well be that our brains are quantum computers and there may be a fundamental part of human beings that is not locked into a three dimensional world and that isn’t a linear function of time.

57:20- Interviewer mentions the infamous slide 9 and Lue says it’s true. This is notable. Edit: slide 9 can be found here:

59- the interviewer asks if some of these sightings are psychological warfare being conducted against our own troops. Luis said these sightings aren’t any form of warfare conducted by the US.

1:03:15- the interviewer said he used nonlocal consciousness to establish contact with some aspect of the phenomenon. He would visualize coherent thoughts and project them out into space outside at night (CE5). He began to see orbs at certain intervals. He said on Aug 25 2019 he witnessed a dark staticky cloud coming over his house then do a 90 degree change of course. The cloud then vanished and inside the cloud was a clear orange formation of orbs and it eventually vanished. He’s seen them on three other occasions. He asks lue about the nexus between consciousness and quantum mechanics and the ability to exchange information over large ranges of distance. Lue said he’s not surprised he’s had those experiences he’s spoken to many people including the pilots who have been affected profoundly to trying to pursue this topic after witnessing UAP activity.

We are witnessing a multi year government mediated disclosure effort that is giving us startling information at a slow rate to make it easier for the public to marinate on. This coincides with the official rollout of the Space Force and most likely new technology derived from extraterrestrial sources.

Here are some other interesting sources that have released information that dovetails with what Elizondo has said:

Robert Bigelow, CEO of Bigelow Aerospace and US defense contractor has been heavily associated with US DoD research into UFOs. He makes several remarkable statements in this interview that include 1) the phenomenon in the region of skinwalker ranch has been there for millennia and is intelligent, connected to UFOs (they appear there), and interdimensional. 2) crashed UFOs may have been intentionally left by ETs for us to try and reverse engineer 3) the ET presence has been here and there are likely ETs and hybrids that look like us and that are present among us:

USAF Colonel Dedrickson confirming UFOs exist and nuclear detonations interfere with their ability to fly:

Head of Israeli Defense Ministry’s space directorate Haim Eshed states ETs are real:

Soviet airforce Colonel Marina Popovich’s book (released in 2003) detailing UFOs and containing information on the non Earth origins of their isotopic ratios:

USAF general Steven L Kwast claims we have extremely advanced space technology:



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